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how to preview web pages

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cazzamiller, May 29, 2011.

  1. cazzamiller

    cazzamiller Lurker
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    I was on the internet & did something but I don't know what, and my screen brought up a thing that allowed me to scroll web pages, as in preview them so I could see what they were before actually clicking on one. Difficult to explain but when you do a Google search and it brings up the list of web pages for whatever you're looking for, it was like that only I could scroll through the screens by swiping my finger left right to left and I could preview each web page. Don't know how I did this, any ideas? Thanks, caroline

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  2. ak47wong

    ak47wong Lurker

    After you do a search in Google, touch the magnifying glass icon that appears to the right of each search result.
  3. odd eyes

    odd eyes Lurker

    Hello I have a HTC incredible updated to 2.3 and have had nothing but trouble all things went wrong could not get on the net ,could not connect to HTC sense ,maps did not work cant get any music in the phone the list goes on honest .factor reset it ,and guess what still got half the problem.ongoing emails with HTC but not getting anywhere .New I should have got a iPhone,HTC INCREDIBLE more like incredible crap

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