Help How to properly display ads in a Cordova/HTML5 application running on androidTV?

This question as two points:

  1. How exactly can I display an ad (advertisement) within my androidTV app (Given that androidTV doesn't allow apps to open links in the system web browser? (I don't even think it comes with a browser does it?) Most HTML ad engines simply render an iframe in the page with the ad content and its clickable links. But the since users of my app won't be able click on those links anyway... what's the point for the advertiser? In short, does androidTV have its own ad framework that I have to use that allows the users to follow links?
  2. If the point above is at all possible, are there links to design guidelines for ads on androidTV (e.g. standard ad sizes and placements)?

Thank you

PS: If there's no way to display relevant ads with clickable links... you do I monetize a free app?