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How to properly shut down apps?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Automatik, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Automatik

    Automatik Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded the App to kill running apps on my Droid. It seems like everytime I open a App or process on the phone, it shows up on the list in Advanced Task Killer. For example ill open up Music or Messaging, then close them and they appear to still be running according to Advanced Task Killer. Why? Is there a way to turn off the apps WITHOUT downloading a third party app?

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  2. TipTech

    TipTech Newbie

    I have read that its not necessary to close any apps manually. Android is a Linux based OS and shifts its resources accordingly no matter what apps are running. Do a search on the forums there are few threads about it.
  3. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    i've only owned the phone for 3 days now but from what i've read you can leave all the app's in the background. it's not like there running and you don't loose battery faster or anything. i personally am still trying to run different tests to see what works best for me. i have the advanced task killer also and 2 other task killers but i honestly think there not needed. if you "SEARCH" and do some reading you will learn from others who have had this phone for 2-3 months and or phones like it and they will tell you what works best for saving battery and or all other things.

    good luck. also do some reading up on how to save battery life if you want the phone to last longer. i am running on 2days and trust me i've used it for music aka pandora. texts. phone calls and i still have like 25% battery left which will be enough to last me the rest of the night. so a total of 2 days of use on and off and running app's and games and it still has held pretty good battery life. right now i am trying to let it run all the way down then repeat over the next week and from what i've heard that will help also.
  4. TipTech

    TipTech Newbie

    A lot of great info here. A note on your battery,as far as having to run it dead before you charge it,that's a great way to charge an old battery. The new moto droid has a newer technology battery which doesn't have a memory like old phone batteries. Not supposed to beable to over charge them like the days of old either. Merry Christmas
  5. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    merry xmas to you too. idk i followed caddyman's thread which is a sticky now on how to save battery life on the HTC Droid Eris and i did it and like i said i am on the 2nd day and half way through the day and still have 20-25% battery life. pretty sure it will still be on by the end of tonight. i am gonna run down the phone the next couple days then fully charge it up just b/c that's what i read others did and also pull the battery out and do a full re-set after a week or so of owning it. also i think i am about to stop using the advanced task killer and just let everything stay at idle in the background. as others have stated it's sort of like linux. not like a windows system where everything is actually running in the background. i think it's sorta like idle. i'll have to own the phone for more than 3 days though before i can actually fully say what works and what doesn't work. however my boss has the iPhone and already he knows that the HTC droid eris is better in almost everyway except for the you can make phone calls and search the web at the same time with the iPhone b/c of at&t's real 3g network. most people doesn't even use that feature though. both phones are alike and both phones are kickass. well after u un-lock the iphone it becomes badass.
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Some apps actually do have a "quit" or "close" option. Pandora has a quit, otherwise how would you get it to stop playing (unless you use a task killer to kill it)? The Dolphin Browser has a few options when you long-press the back soft button. Cool.

    Having said that, most apps don't need closed or killed at all. Yes, this is a Linux-based O/S ... not like Windows at all. There really isn't any "need" to close or kill apps.

    BUT ... (there's always a "but", isn't there? ;) ) I don't think anyone can say that using a Task Killer could hurt anything. I am OCD, guilty! And, I am old skool, GUILTY! And I like going into "Advanced Task Killer Free" periodically and killing most, if not all the running apps. There are some apps that I have set to be ignored so they never get killed. But others, I want them killed when I want them killed . . . DANG IT!!! :D

    All to say, it's up to you man. It's your world ... ROCK IT! :cool:
  7. stanz123

    stanz123 Lurker

    All I want is to shut off the music player!!

    Isn't there any way to do that? or is it always lurking, waiting for me to push inadvertently some button where it can continue blasting it out?
  8. slreno

    slreno Newbie

    i have to disagree to some extent. i am running 2 exact droids rooted with 2 overclocking kernels running at 1.0 ghz mine was running cool as a cucumber smooth as could be! my wifes was running 10 to 12 degrees hotter and freezing because of the heat issue.
    i looked under the application menu and running programs and seen she had browser and a few other things running that i didnt?
    so i force closed them and bammm her temps went way down .. down to match mine and her phone started running beutiful again.
    i found out she was useing the return button instead of the home button. which i found actually seems to close the program and the return button might leave it open.
  9. MaxPacker

    MaxPacker Newbie

    Sl, like they were saying on DroidForums, no two phones are the same. Try a different kernel on her phone, and you won't need to keep shutting everything off. I'm sure she would like to multitask as well.

    I used to use my task killer religiously; but as has been pointed out, it is not necessary at all. In fact, from what I've read, Android actually *needs* those apps in the background to flow correctly. So everytime you kill something, and you notice it just popped back up, that's because that's how the system works.

    So is it harming anything? Not likely. But it is creating an extra step for your phone every time you kill your apps, because they're supposed to be in the background.

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