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Root How to Properly Unbrick Micromax Funbook Pro (P500)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Devansk, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Devansk

    Devansk Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 21, 2012
    Hello guys first all of all just for the info Allwinner A10 tablet cant be hard bricked as it can boot from usb ! You can always flash a livesuit.img and restore your tab back! We dont have the original liveusit.img of the tab but i manage to get back on stock with few steps and this method is confirmed and tested!!

    Requirements -
    ADB Drivers ( ADB_Drivers - Download - 4shared )
    USB Mouse

    Note : If you have CWM installed on your tab you can simply Restore from your restored backup if you dont have one here it is -

    2012-09- - Download - 4shared


    Step 1 : - Download the software called Livesuit you can easily google it and find it but anywayz here it is!


    Step 2 : - Download this image

    Step 3 : - Extract Livesuit software and open Livesuit.exe -- > Whataver pop-ups come just click no! -- > Click on select image and browse to the downloaded TAB461 .img and leave the software as it is

    Step 4 : - Now connect your tablet ( make sure it is turned off not in recovery or something , you can do this by holding power button for long ) to the pc/laptop by holding back button! as soon as you attach usb , while holding back button press 'power' button 10 times repeatedly!
    Wait and a pop up will come Click 'YES' 2 times it will take 2 mins to flash the image and u will soon boot up!

    Step 5 :- Touch wont work on this image! So connect your usb mouse with OTG cable !

    Step 6 :- Download ES File Explorer then open it then press the three dots on bottom then go to settings then root settings and then check all check boxes then go back to main screen of es file explorer then hit back two times then long press the dev folder, set properties, check all boxes, click ok. Do the same for the data folder, now open the dev folder, and repeat the steps for the block folder, and inside the block folder do the steps for nandg file.

    Step 7 :- Now install CWM as described in this tutorial - http://androidforums.com/funbook-pro-all-things-root/673638-install-cwm-micromax-funbook-pro.html
    Now download this backup - 2012-09- - Download - 4shared ! Now extract the folder in it then put it in externalsd/clockworkmod/backup !

    Step 8 :- Now boot to CWM Recovery using Novotools app ! Touch doesn't work on cwm so u will have to use volume keys for navigating and power button for selecting options. Now go to backup and restore option then choose restore then choose 2012-09- then choose yes ! When it is done hit reboot system now ! Now you will have touch and CWM Working ! Now you can Install Any ROM on your Funbook Pro. :D

    IF Touch is not working then do this -
    goto - ftp://sts.micromaxinfo.com:22/mxlive/

    user id = mxlive

    password = M!cr0m@xlive

    then go to p500 folder then V1_270712 then download the sun4i_crane_M1005_P500.20120727.rar file !
    Now flash this .img using livesuit as described above !
    And try to install cwm 6 again !

    If having any problems comment below !


  2. goldi369

    goldi369 New Member

    Feb 17, 2013
    Hey thanks for of these
    but screan tuch doesnt work and the link that you put in site for screantuch doesnt opend so please can you send it again?

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