How to REBOOT your stock android

Hi guys,

I found out how to reboot your stock android without shutting it down.

First you will need ADW launcher ( from market )

use that as your home launcher

long press on empty space and pick CUSTOM SHORTCUT

in the pop up box select PICK YOUR ACTIVITY

select ADW ACTIVITIES ( let the list populate ) might take some time


once that shows more options select

when this gets added to your home screen, press it and it reboots your android

there enjoy

EDIT #1 : you can do this with a special launcher like adw etc

download the app " ANY CUT"
create a shortcut
select account and sync #2 ( its not organized like adw soo its the tree is already broken down for you )
once the shortcut is on homescreen click on it.. boom reboot :)

all credit goes to MILESTONEX


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This works on Bionics:

With no special launchers can also hold BOTH the Volume Up & Down while pressing the Power Button.

This is the same as a Battery Pull btw.


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the reason i will say its not the same as a battery pull is because when you pull your battery it shuts down completly, the timer in the battery info resets.

where as if you do it my way, the battery timer ( up time ) in battery info keeps on going so i am assuming that it just restarts the android without shutting it down


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I have cron running on my phone, it's set to reboot every Mon, Wed, and Sat.
I can also manually reboot it using the terminal by typing reboot.