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How to recover contact/sms from contact.db/sms.db files?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by swapnilpatil1981, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. swapnilpatil1981

    Thread Starter

    Dear Friends,
    Earlier I had a Huawei G525-U00 Android based mobile which has become dead now. While it started malfunctioning I had backed up all the data on my mobile onto the SD card. The contact/sms details etc. are stored as contact.db/sms.db etc. files inside the backup folder on the SD card.
    Could someone please help me how to recover those backup files on my new mobile (motorola g4 plus) since new mobile has option to import contacts only from .vcf files and not .db files.

    Thanks for your kind help.

    Best Regards,

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  2. Hadron

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    Are those the system database files you are talking about, or something made by a backup app? I assume the system files from the file type, though I'd expect the message one to be called mmssms.db in that case. If you used some backup app then you should install the same app on your new phone and use that to restore them.

    If they are the system databases that was a bad way to do the backup, because the database files are usually model-specific to some extent (i.e. just copying them into place, which will require root anyway, is very unlikely to work).

    If you synced your contacts with Google you should just be able to resync to the new device as long as you use the same Google account.

    There are programs that can read sql lite database files, so you should be able to retrieve the data (certainly if you have a computer), but I don't offhand know of an app that can read these files from an arbitrary location on a phone and convert them into something that can be imported, which is what you want.
  3. swapnilpatil1981

    Thread Starter

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you very much for you reply. Those are not system database files. They were actually created by the Huawei backup app installed on my Huawei mobile. Unfortunately my Huawei mobile can no more be used now.  And the Huawei   backup app cannot be  installed on my motorola phone in order to recover those files.
    I did sync my contacts with the gmail server from Huawei device. Everything looked fine then but when I tried to recover those contacts in my new mobile they did not recover. I don't know what had gone wrong there. Now it seems that I am left with only one option i.e. to recover them from the backedup files from the Huawei backup app.
    Could you please suggest a good program to retrieve data from SQL lite database files?
    Also if there is any other idea in your mind please tell me.
    Thanks a lot,
    Best Regards,

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