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Support How to reduce the brightness of "Dim Screen" (The screen that appears before tablet goes to sleep)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by faheem00, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. faheem00

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    Jun 24, 2012

    Jun 24, 2012
    Hello all,
    I'd like to ask a question which will seem odd to you all, but please bear with me, this is important for me to solve.

    I have a Ainol Novo 7 Tornados tablet, and it has a fault. Whenever I play a music, and the screen returns from sleep, there is a stutter in the tablet. I tried many apps and settings, but it does not go. During sleep, music plays all right, but when it wakes up, the stutter appears.

    But that's not the problem ( I couldn't find a solution to this, but if anyone knows about this I'll be grateful). To disable the stutter, I have prevented the tab from going to sleep when using music app using "No Lock" app. Now the problem is, before going to sleep, the tablet dims a little. The sleep timeout, be it 30 seconds or 1 minute, does not happen without dimming the screen first. As I have disabled lock, the screen will only dim but not go to sleep.

    My question is, is there any way to reduce the brightness of THAT dim screen? If I can reduce the brightness of the dim screen, then the battery power will be saved, as the screen will go dark without even going to sleep. Please please someone give me a solution to this (or better, give me a solution to the stutter problem, that'll erase the whole dim screen problem).

    Thanks for your help in advance.



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