Apr 20, 2021
I need to release an app that's only downloadable for those with a link. Much like file sharing on google drive. Is this possible?
It's not a private app for my organisation nor is it for testing, it needs to be a full release but not fully visible on the play store if you see what I mean.
I don't think there's a way to publish an app on the Play Store without it being "published" for everyone. The only way around that would be to use the testing release channels.
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Google's Play Store is not a web hosting site so no, it will allow you just post your app without making it publicly accessible. The Play Store is about public exposure to all of us locked into the Android environment. If you prefer, post your app but make it a pay-for only app:
or if you don't want to comply with Google's oversight rules, there are a lot of alternatives. They just don't have the same number of eyeballs viewing them so factor that in as far as your target audience. A couple of them being:
of if your app is being developed using Open Source licensing, Fdroid is a popular site:
your question about to access some specific people which means private. i did't thinks google have that option.
kindly guide me if i'm wrong