Nov 30, 2021
I am trying to set up my phone with an external bluetooth keyboard so that Alt+s does *not* give me ß. Alt+s is a necessary shortcut for a terminal program I am using and it does not work if the phone translates it to ß. How can I fix this? In general I'd like to turn off all such mappings as I don't need them and they just get in the way. I want to send keys to my terminal program exactly as I enter them on the keyboard.

I have tried external keyboard helper but I don't see how to use it to solve this problem. The most I managed is to get Alt+s to send Alt+ß which is not what I want.
I found a workaround that I think will work for me, which is to remap left Alt and right Alt to Esc using external keyboard helper. The program I am using (emacs) treats Esc almost the same as Alt. Not quite the same, because Esc is a prefix rather than a modifier so to get the same result as Alt-n-n-n you would need to put Esc-n Esc-n Esc-n, but that's only slightly inconvenient.