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How to remove Amazon MP3?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wnajar, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. wnajar

    wnajar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Plain and simple, does anyone know how to remove the Amazon MP3 app?

    It's useless and annoying.

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  2. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I don't think you can remove it from the tab screen but depending on how you set up your phone, you never have to look at it. I have all the programs that I use on my desktop (in short cuts) and almost never open that screen.
  3. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    Root your Droid.

    Rename the com.amazon.mp3.apk to com.amazon.mp3.bak

    Otherwise, there is no way.
  4. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...

    Actually, I would say copy all your apps to your computer or SD rename the folder and then rm the app from your phone....
  5. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    Of course you could always back it up that way. But it's a really small app. I don't think the issue is the space it takes up in memory, but rather the fact that it's always running and pretty useless.

    Therefore, just changing the file extension fixes that problem, and makes it very easy and quick to restore.

    By "no other way", I meant you can't get rid of it without rooting. Once it's rooted, there are of course multiple ways of approaching it.
  6. mdevine

    mdevine Member

    Just curious what is annoying about the Amazon MP3 app. I am an admitted Itunes hater (my brain and Itunes just don't seem to work the same way for some reason), but I have purchased songs on Amazon several times and it has worked fine.
  7. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...

    Agreed but having rooted my g1 a year ago and been doing this kind of stuff for LONG time backing up ALL stock apps is your best bet and just renaming can cause havoc down the line... plus if you ever want to un-root you want to have all the original parts to throw back in not just a renamed apk sitting on your phone still taking up space...
  8. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    For me, the annoying part is being forced to have something on my phone that I have no use for, that has nothing to do with the basic operation of the phone. It's the phone equivalent of the pre-installed crapware that comes on (too) many PCs. If I want Amazon MP3 on my phone, I am perfectly capable of installing it myself. The same concept applies to the Facebook application, as well as Visual VM.

    Last year when I had my Blackberry, Verizon pushed a Facebook icon to my home screen. NOT appreciated. I don't use Facebook, and never plan to. Removing it only lasted a few days, as it would get pushed again. The best solution I found for that situation was to hide the icon, allowing me to at least pretend that it wasn't there. With these unwanted (by me, at least) apps on my Droid, I can't even do THAT.
  9. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    I agree with UncleMike. There are enough apps on my droid that I chose to put there all by myself. I don't really want apps there that I won't use such as Amazon MP3 or Facebook or Corporate Calendar. It would be nice to at least be able to drop them into a folder where I don't have to look at them. Deleting them would be better.
  10. leftystrat

    leftystrat Well-Known Member

    Not to mention Facebook.
  11. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I understand why companies do this, and personally I'm not bothered by what came with the Droid, but I totally understand the frustration with it. I can't stand when I buy a new computer and have to uninstall a ton of crap or install a fresh version of Windows just to get rid of a bunch of useless junk.

    I think on the Droid, though, the additions are rather subtle and not that bothersome. Enough people use Facebook to put it on there by default, and Amazon MP3's inclusion may have something to do with iPhone competition, since iTunes is a big part of that.
  12. MisterEff

    MisterEff Android Enthusiast

    I wish they would let us erase apps without rooting the phone. I am never gonna use Visual VM because I have GV, corporate calendar, and the Amazon MP3...
  13. So at what point do you think it becomes bothersome? 3 more apps you'll never use... 5? At least on a PC you can delete the crapware that comes installed on it.

  14. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I haven't come up with a hard limit as to how many is too many. The way they shipped the phone, though, it's really not much. The apps don't get in the way of the phone's normal usage. The reason the apps on a PC bother me is because A) They're almost always useless (e.g. Free AOL trials, trial versions of programs you will be forced to buy after X days), and B) A lot of them are running in memory or in sitting in the system tray. The Droid shipped with programs that they thought people might actually use (and many do), so there's a difference.
  15. Oh sorry, I didn't realize that since you think they're useful then that's why it makes it different than crapware on a PC. My bad...

    You really think that the Amazon program is placed there because "they think people might actually use it" and not because there's a monetary deal with Amazon.com? Just because people "might" use it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be removable by the user, like crapware on a PC.
  16. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I never claimed to be the only person who would use it. Most people will use Facebook, and as I said, Amazon MP3 is most likely there to compete with the iTunes store. Of course they have a monetary deal with Amazon; I never claimed they didn't.

    I'm not sure why the attitude is necessary. I'm just stating my opinion, as are you. I never said you were wrong and I really don't have any desire to fight with you.
  17. Sorry, I shouldn't have included the first part of my reply in my post.

    The only point I was really trying to make is that, unlike bloatware on a PC that you can uninstall, there is no option to do that with the default apps that are installed on the Droid. You can't even leave them installed but hide their icons. Even Microsoft lets you completely clear off your desktop now, unlike in the past. Of course, they had to be sued silly by every government in the Western hemisphere to get to that point but I digress.

  18. mdevine

    mdevine Member

    I simply hide applications (using DxTop home). Long press the menu bar and the app drawer opens. Long click on any app and an option screen opens. One of the options is to hide the icon.
  19. adamivie

    adamivie Lurker

    thanks for the info on the location of the amazon mp3 files on the root. further more can anyone post the required commands...
    ex. with root access, open a command prompt navigate to the sdk/tools folder type adb......... then what, horrible instructions i know, but can some noobify this for us

    thanks much
    cheers! :)
  20. adamivie

    adamivie Lurker

    i want the commands to rename the file
  21. DrChandra

    DrChandra Lurker

    I don't know how to remove it, but you can get it to stop restarting itself: Open the app, select Settings, and disable the "Monitor Connection" feature.
    PinCup likes this.
  22. PinCup

    PinCup Lurker

    Thank You, DrChandra!

    That's what I wanted to know.
    How do I stop this stupid app from restarting itself after I kill it.

    I no longer use the facebook app.
    I found it uploads ALL your contacts (and their phone numbers) to your FB account.
    There is no way to stop it from doing this that I could find.
    Knowing that my number is listed in my friend's accounts is edging me toward leaving the FB community for good. (I only use it for family)
    The first Spam call I get on my phone that I suspect came from a FB friend's hacked account, I'm done.
  23. PinCup

    PinCup Lurker

    I spoke too soon.

    It's still restarting itself.

    Is there a kill app that will kill an app as soon as it restarts?

    I uninstalled the photobucket app because it wants to run all the time.

    I dont mind that it's on my phone, I DO mind that I cant shut it off.
    Dont care how little memory or power it uses, I want it shut down.

    Without rooting my phone, I guess my only retaliation is a boycott of Amazon.com for forcing itself on me.
    Looks like their little marketing stunt backfired! On me at least.

    I have bought products from them before, but never again.

  24. Joe Deasy

    Joe Deasy Lurker

    Exactly right PinCup!

    I want it off my phone too.
    It is MY phone isn't it?
    Or is it?

    I've used Amazon for years, so if I had a choice, I'd be likely to put it on the phone myself. But the fact that I dont have that choice makes me want it off. And for as long as it stays on my phone, I'm staying off Amazon. Even if they (Amazon & Verizon) are ever forced to take it off, I'll always remember it when considering either of their products. They put this application on millions of phones with no way for consumers to remove it or turn it off, and Android reports that it has access to & can do the following without your permission:

    > modify / delete SD card contents
    > full internet access
    > read phone state & identifys
    > change wifi state & prevent it from sleeping

    I'm not paranoid. I'm pretty sure these functions are only used to make the app work properly AND for marketing purposes. But read phone state & identify? That sounds ominous.

    Android also reports regular data transmissions, even though I dont use the app, and kill it every chance I get. That's the mindset it creates for this consumer regarding Verizon & Amazon service. To kill it whenever I get a chance.

    I didn't expect anything less from Verizon. With their "friends & family" scheme, they are one of the pioneers of modern "brand loyalty". Coerced loyalty it is. Kill it whenever you get a chance.
  25. Teddi

    Teddi Lurker

    If you go under Settings, Accounts and sync, you can change your phone from syncing or pulling your FB contacts into it.

    Whether or not you want your FB friends to see your phone number is a setting in FB Privacy and has nothing to do with your phone. ;)

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