How to remove battery from sprint htc evo


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how do you remove the battery from a sprint htc evo - fell in toilet, want to dry it out.

scary alien

not really so scary
Also suggest putting your device in a bag / container of dry, uncooked rice or other similar desiccant for several days (the longer the better).

Note that there will most likely be impurities left behind that will ultimately cause micro shorts and shorten the life of your device.

Best of luck!


Years ago I had a Samsung M610 flip phone and I dropped it in the toilet as I was taking a leak. Soo I fished it out, quickly shook it off, (the phone) and actually ran a little bit of fresh water over it. Only the flip portion where the display was got wet. I shook it dry as best I could and then took a hair dryer to it on low heat for about 10 mins. The display cleared up and that phone worked until I lost on vacation in the Philippines. Great little phone..