Aug 23, 2012

I just bought a GS2, it's running 4.0.3 and it's my first android device.
I'm wondering how to remove the carrier icons and logos from the settings. Is there any simple way to remove it?

And while I'm here, the app screen shows the apps in a list, how do I show them in icons view like on the iphone?

Thanks in advance.
You will need to flash a stock rom downloadable through SamMobile. You flash it through a piece of software called Odin.

I'm not sure if all ROMs on SamMobile are full wipe roms or not. I believe they are, but I could be wrong. One of the more knowledgeable types on here will no doubt confirm/refute this. It may be a good idea, therefore, to perform a factory reset before flashing. You will of course lose all your homescreens, settings, apps, contacts etc and will need to set these back up/re sync with google etc.

Intratech on XDA used to supply stock ROMs, but he seems to have stopped.
However you can still use his thread to get the gist of what to do
See here
Thank you very much for the reply. So from what I understand I just have to flash the device with a stock ROM? are the ROMs on SamMobile stock ROMs or custom ROMs? Also do I need to "root" my device or something or is that not needed?