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Root How to remove GMail account from rooted Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jetman, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. jetman

    jetman Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 28, 2010
    I just got a new Galaxy Nexus and want to remove my Gmail account from my old D1. I rooted it a year ago and loaded the old Smoked Glass ROM and it's worked GREAT ever since. I want to remove my GMail account from this phone so I can either sell it or give it to a friend. I searched here and read I had to do a factory reset. I tried the factory reset but that nearly bricked my phone and wouldn't load back up. I did a Clockwork restore and have it running good again, but I just want to get my Gmail account off of this phone and leave it rooted. I still have wi-fi available if there is an app I need to download to remove a system file.

    How do I remove my Gmail account for the next new owner???


  2. teddyearp

    teddyearp Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2010
    Store Manager
    Pinetop, AZ
    A factory data reset _should_ have worked fine, but if you had those bad results, then there is another way, though it _might_ leave some of your apps on it. It doesn't require any other app. On your phone go here:

    menu -> settings -> accounts and sync;

    backup data unchecked
    auto sync unchecked

    Then select your gmail account and at the bottom of the next screen you should have a button that says, "remove this account". Select it. And just in case go ahead and remove any other accounts that show there as well.

    good luck

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