Jan 31, 2022
I just bought a (Chinese) projector that runs on Android. The issue I'm having is that the screen has a white bar at the top at all times. It doesn't look like a malfunction, it looks like it's part of the operating system. It stays there no matter the input. So when I split the screen between the projector and a PC using an HDMI cable, the bar is still there, cutting off the bottom 5 percent of the screen.

Here's some information, I don't know if it's useful.
Android version: 6.0.1
Model number: Projector/ (Amlogic S905X)
Android security patch level: August 1, 2016
Kernel version: 3.14.29 bk@bkserver007 #1 Sat Mar 21 10:11:42 CST 2020
Build number: MHC19J20200421 test-keys

(You might think an update could resolve the issue but the thing is, these type of (Chinese) manufacturers don't support updates. I think the OS is tied to the hardware and if you attempt to update it, you might break it??)

Any tips on how to remove the top bar/make the screen full size?


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From your pic and description, that definitely looks like a hardware and/or firmware problem. That the manufacturer would need to rectify, and nothing else you can do. If you only just bought it, I suggest you return it for replacement or refund.