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How to Repair LG870 Boot Loop Using Apple MacMini or Samsung Chromebook Laptop?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LG870 Boot Loop, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. LG870 Boot Loop

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    My phone is stuck in a "Boot Loop" and all I see is the Boost Mobile animation and 4GLTE logo in a continuous loop. My only recall of what I was doing before this happened is I was making a backup of my photos and videos to an external hard drive connected to my MacMini (I backup often so I have most all my device content saved). After that I turned the phone on and it began the Boot Loop. My phone is not rooted, it is "as is" from the carrier, no mods or anything. I have reset the phone and wiped all the data and cache using recovery mode. I have not done anything else yet.

    I have researched this online and all I found were solutions for:
    • Phones that are "Rooted"
    • Users on Windows PCs
    I am:
    • Using a MacMini Computer (I have a Samsung Chromebook Laptop also, not sure if this can be used for repair or not?)
    • My LG870 is in great condition (no damage, in protective case with screen shield)
    • I do not have access to a Windows PC
    • I have MicroSD Card I can load file on and insert into LG870
    With that being said, is there any way I can repair my LG870 using my MacMini or Chromebook? If so, can someone direct me to where I can find this information.



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