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How To Restore Apex Launcher Data After a Phone Wipe, Instructions

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by larrytxeast, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. larrytxeast

    larrytxeast Member
    Thread Starter

    This was initially a "HOW?" post, but upon figuring it out, I figured I'd make it an informational post, in case anyone has this problem as I did.

    That is--Apex Launcher, it's a wonderful launcher, but there is NOTHING ANYWHERE that I could find that tells you how to restore the data if you've backed it up prior to a wipe and now want to restore it post-wipe. Nothing. To be blunt, that's just plain inexcusable, and it bugs me badly enough to almost want to use another launcher just because of this one thing, even though I like it otherwise.

    I finally had to figure it out by experimentation, so I'm going to take it upon myself to document it for myself in the future and in case anyone else is wondering how to do it.

    I initially backed up the settings knowing I was going to "wipe" the phone, then saved them to my microSD card. I couldn't recall where it saved them initially, and I made the huge mistake of not noting the location, because--again--it's not documented. Naturally, after wiping the phone, I wanted to access these 2 files for restoral. Trouble is, it doesn't let you navigate to where they are, and again there is NO DOCUMENTATION ANYWHERE (at least which I've found) that TELLS you where to now put these files so it finds them in the "established" location.

    I figured it out, simply by making a new backup and noting where it stated it had saved it. I copied-pasted these 2 files there, letting it overwrite the just-made files I didn't want, then did a restoral of settings and backup. That FINALLY did it.

    The location:


    Note: this folder does NOT exist until you do a backup. Again, I had to very carefully watch the prompts that came up when I did the "fake" backup after wiping the phone, so as to know where to navigate, as there is nothing anywhere on the entire Internet I could find that tells you, step-by-step, how to do a restoral of the data.

    Consider this the post that tells you how.

    Again, this is assuming that you are wanting to "wipe" the phone but wanting to preserve your Apex desktop icons and Apex settings, so you can quickly restore those as you set up your "clean" phone. Here's how, I'm going to SPELL IT OUT, the way it SHOULD be spelled out.

    Making the Initial Backup (Before Wiping Phone)

    (1) Do it under the Apex settings (backup and restore) "backup Apex settings" and "backup desktop data"

    (2) Navigate to Android/data/apex_launcher and copy the 2 backup files to whereever on your microSD

    (3) Wipe the phone

    Restoring Data On "Clean" Phone

    (4) Upon installing Apex, make a backup (apex settings, backup and restore) of the settings and desktop--again, this is just to "establish" where the desired backup files should go

    (5) Navigate to your microSD, select the 2 files for a copy action

    (6) Navigate to Android/data/apex_launcher, paste these 2 files, overwrite

    (7) Return to Apex settings/backup and restore, and perform a RESTORE operation for data and desktop

    There. That's much better.

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  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste


    Thanks for sharing that! Did you send the same to Apex? support@anddoes.com - perhaps you should!

  3. larrytxeast

    larrytxeast Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes I probably should. It amazes me, not in a good way, that there isn't a step-by-step explanation, other than mine here, for how to backup your Apex settings and then restore them on your new phone or after wiping your phone. It saves a HUGE amount of time setting all of those settings and putting all of those shortcuts on the home screen all over again.
  4. aredub

    aredub Lurker

    Thank you!!! That worked perfectly.

    FYI, I moved my Apex settings from my old phone to the new one by using File Manager to copy them from the old phone to Dropbox, running and deleting a backup on the new phone, using File Manager to copy the files from Dropbox to the new phone, and restoring.

    Note that (at least in v 3.1.0) the Apex menu says "Restore backup (settings or data) from SD card." Nonetheless, it restored from the device storage.

    - Robert
  5. Galuk

    Galuk Lurker

    Thank you But ...
    On my phone it never backup on the Sd card !! The program said that he do but no .bak files where supposed to be)
    My solution : plug off the Sd , make the backup on the phone memory (program said that he do on the Sd but he do on the phone memory/android/data/apexlauncher) ... after that same solution that describe by Larry and Apex find the restores .bak files ... finaly it works ...
    Thanks Larry for the only solution i find on the web that give me the good final idea ...
    Sorry for my bad english : i'm french !!
  6. BWB8771

    BWB8771 Newbie

    I'm transferring from S7 to S7 (Nougat) and still have the working old phone with intact widgets. Did the both Settings and Desktop backups, followed the instructions above and no widgets restoral :(
  7. aredub

    aredub Lurker

    My experience was different. I backed up the Apex settings before a factory reset but when I tried to restore them Apex said it had no backups to restore from. I looked in Android/data on my SD card and internal storage but found no Apex backups in either location.

    Fortunately, I had an older phone with Apex and ran a backup there. Although Apex says it's backing up to the SD card, it actually put the backup in internal storage (Android/data/apexlauncher). I copied the backup files to Dropbox, then used ES File Explorer to put them in the same internal storage location on my new phone. When I ran the Apex restore routine, it said it was restoring from the SD card, but in fact it picked up the backups from internal storage. I had to delete icons for apps that weren't on the new phone, but at least I had a running start towards a familiar phone.

    Lesson: copy the Apex backups to the cloud before a factory reset.
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