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Tips How to restore once deleted Calendarprovider.APK

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by avanade, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. avanade

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    Dec 31, 2011

    Hey folks. Hope all is well on your end. Happy NEW YEAR too!!!! Hope you and I have all the best of luck for 2012, the year of Dragon!!! Way to go!!!!

    This a simple tip to restore once deleted pre-installed application called Calendarprovider.APK in Samsung Galaxy S and other Android phones.

    First of all, I ended up deleting Calendarprovider.apk as there seem to be tons of sites that provide somewhat misleading, accurate info regarding what pre-installed applications are safe to delete and not.

    (i.e Barebones - CyanogenMod Wiki )

    Calendarprovider.apk is a MUST if you want to sync your phone calendar with GOOGLE calendar via wifi/3G. Unlike Calendar.Apk, you can't find a substitute from Androd app shop, so I strongly suggest you stick to it or restore it if you deleted already. Also, it is a prerequisite if you want to take advantage of good paid applications like CalDAV-Sync ( https://market.android.com/details?id=org.dmfs.caldav.lib&hl=en )

    For successful re-installation please follow the below steps: (fyi, my phone is: Galaxy S GT-I9000, Gingerbread, rooted)

    Step 1: Down load the missing calendarprovider.apk from the internet. One should not have any issue as many people share it on the web. In my case, I could find it from :

    CalDAV-Sync - about

    Step 2: Assuming you have the right version of calendarprovider.apk downloaded in your PC, copy the file to your phone's external SD card. Think you can just create a folder and copy the file. Then using ASTRO file
    manager ( https://market.android.com/details?id=com.metago.astro&hl=en
    ), re-install Calendarprovider.Apk

    Step 3: If you can't install, please follow the below extra steps to troubleshoot.

    A. Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications & choose Calendar.Apk and click "Clear Data". This will delete any historical data that Calendar App has in your phone that prevents new installation of Calendarprovider.Apk.
    Since Calendarprovider.Apk is not a stand-alone app, historical data/cache in the related apps must be cleared to pass the consistency check prior to re-installation. After this reboot. Try to reinstall again.

    B. If still, stuck, it may be due to having Google account already in place for your phone. Rather than doing a factory reset to remove the google acct, just rename
    "accounts.db" file at /data/system/ using RootExplorer to something like "accounts.dbBAK" using emulator or Root Explorer(which is a paid app downloadable from Android App shop) and rebooted.

    Now try to reinstall Calendarprovider.Apk and if works fine. then rename db file back to its original name "accounts.db" and reboot. Your original Google acct should be back.

    C. If you still can't re-install, edit some line in "Packages.xml" at
    "dbdata/system/" using emulator or Root Explorer and Reboot.

    You would probably encounter some error message while rebooting but if you try to re-install Calendarprovider.Apk, it should work. It worked in my case at least.

    Editing instruction:
    1) Create a Copy "Packages.xml" at "dbdata/system/" at your PC
    2) Open the copy in your PC and
    Delete 5 digit number assigned to "Shared UserID android.uid.calendar"
    3) Save the edited file.
    4) Rename existing "Packages.xml" to such as "Packages.xmlBAK" using Root Explorer /emulator
    5) Copy the edited version of "Packages.xml" to "dbdata/system/"
    6) Reboot.
    7) Install calendarprovider.apk
    8) If successful, you can delete "Packages.xmlBAK" as you do not need this backup file any more.

    Reference for editing :[Q] Howto reinstall CalendarProvider.apk? - xda-developers

    Also, editing XML file is hardly a rocket science. Just edit the content using all conventional applications in your PC. (EX. notepad, MS WORD etc.) Just make sure you keep the original copy somewhere safe just in case. Play around using the extra copy.

    Hope it helps. Once again, happy new year to all!!!



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