Help How to retrieve current wallpaper.


I am running Android Nougat on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The wallpaper on my lock screen is one that I originally got from zedge and transferred to my current phone. As such, I have since removed the original download from my gallery. Before the update to Nougat, it still existed in the Wallpapers album, but since the update it is no longer there despite still being set as my lock screen wallpaper. Additionally, going through settings to set a new wallpaper doesn't display current wallpapers, and I can't find it on zedge anymore. I was thinking of changing my lock screen, but I want to be able to set it back to what it is now in case I change my mind. I suppose I could always dig it out of the photos I uploaded to my computer, but it would be nice to avoid that hassle. So, is there any way to retrieve my current wallpapers from the phone?


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Try here

Thanks, but /data/system doesn't exist, /data/user/0 only shows two weird Samsung related folders (both with two files) and /data/data also only shows two weird Samsung related folders (one empty one with two files).

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I am not sure but it might be because I own a phone with Android marshmallow.

What I got was a file named 'wallpaper' with no extension. You could try searching for such a file in all the files in / data
You could try again because I am sure there is a folder of the name I mentioned earlier

Of what I know the folder paths you mentioned usually contain app data.