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How to root 2.12.651.9.710RD ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by homophone, May 7, 2012.

  1. homophone

    homophone Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Picked up a used (but new) Design last week.

    Rooted it with Frigid's Superuser Tool and installed Wifi tethering and all was good.

    Then on Friday, I dropped the phone and the touch screen was all wonky (sidenote: Is this phone particularly fragile? I dropped my old EVO 4G constantly with never a problem).

    Sprint store replaced the phone for me. During the hands-free activation the OTA was automatically applied - FAWK!!!

    Now I am on 2.12.651.9.710RD and the SuperTool does not work.

    Anyone successfully root this phone or at least got a FREE wifi tether to work??

  2. homophone

    homophone Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Man.. quiet in here. No one knows? :(
  3. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    Well a quick search before you posted this thread would have netted you this answer:


    However because this phone is coming out to Boost Mobile it will likely come with this update out of the box. It should convince some experienced hackers out there to wake up and work on getting an exploit for the Boost Mobile version. If your lucky, it may even carry over to the version of the phone you currently have on what ever carrier it is you have it on right now. :p

    Though if your really desperate for root, you can always brake your phone, make it look like an accident, then take it back for another exchange. But then make sure it doesn't update or insist on activating it when you bring it home if the carrier shop guy wants to "activate" it for you while you're in the store.

    When I bought my current phone (LG Marquee), I bought it at Radioshack. The store clerk proceeded to open it and go through the activation process.

    Luckily there was a hiccup with the activation process so she had to call Boost. During this time I got my hands on the phone and she instructed me to do a battery pull and restart it after she was done talking with Boost Mobile (since apparently the phone was turned on before the MEID was active in my account which caused the phone to fail to activate). So in the end I didn't have to go into why I didn't want her to activate it or cancel the software update prompt. Because it would be kinda awkward to tell her I was intending on rooting the phone and installing a custom rom on it. lol :p

    After reboot I was able to activate it and then canceled the software update dialog it displays when it does the default action of searching for updates after activation. :D
  4. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    Since this concerns the rooting of the Evo Design, I am moving it into the "Evo Design all things root" section of this forum.
  5. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    Boost version of phone just came out and it no doubt has the latest update out of the box. Someone will have to find an exploit at this point otherwise there won't be much of a dev community for this phone. :(
  6. If htc continues to unlock bootloaders, I don't think it'll be any harder than flashing su binary thru recovery
  7. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    I thought it was locked? If the Sprint version was, then it would most likely be locked on Boost Mobile as well.

    Don't forget, Boost charges extra for tethering, so that makes it even less likely they would let HTC keep it unlocked.
  8. You can unlock the bootloader at htc.dev
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  9. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast

    I did that today and seems to have worked. So now I got a phone with an unlocked bootloader.

    So...is there an alternate method for rooting if the phone has an unlocked bootloader or will I still have to wait for the next root exploit?
  10. Rollout

    Rollout Newbie

    Nevermind, found my own answer finally.... :)

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