Root how to root 4.5.621 on windows


can it at-least be rooted?? i been hearing methods on the Linux Ubuntu system but is there a way to do it on windows?:thinking::thinking: like we cant at least SBF back to .605? like what happens if we SBF?


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If you try to SBF to 602/605 (or older), it won't work and you'll just get the bootloader screen. Just use the Linux method. They give you a bootable drive iso so you just boot from a CD, do the SBF/root, and then reboot back into Windows (after taking the CD out).


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Where do i get the linux CD from? Can i get a blank disc and burn it to the CD? plus can you guys give steps on how to boot into liux and boot out of it? i really can your guys help
Would someone mind linking the Linux method for me or pointing me to it? I've found a few online, but I'm hoping someone knows an easier to follow link posted somewhere in these forums.

I run windows on my netbook, but don't have a problem changing over to linux so I can root the phone and then if I don't like linux I can reinstall windows- the netbook is only used so I can carry around digital books and movies because I can't afford an ipad so I'm not worried about fiddling with it; but the netbook doesn't have a cd drive if anyone thinks that will be a problem.

To be clear, I switched over to a Droid X which I bought used but it had the current OS on there 2.3.4 and 621


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Is by far the easiest method. Just burn it to a CD. Then boot your computer off of the CD. Hold down Vol-\Camera\power buttons to turn on. Once the phone boots up, let go of the power button until the screen comes up. Plug the phone into the computer and run #1.
I actually ended up installing ubuntu through the windows installer on my netbook. Seems easier then using a boot cd or USB. The Wubi install can be installed on windows without needing a partition. The only catch I've noticed is when you turn on the computer you have to choose to run it in windows or ubuntu although if you wait a minute it defaults to windows. ^_^
I have a lot of computers actually, but I use different ones for different things. Regardless, the WUBI install is much easier than a least for me. It's a two step process; download WUBI, install. Done. :]