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How to root and install droid 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PeDe7, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. PeDe7

    PeDe7 Member
    Thread Starter

    * I am not a developer nor a contributor to anything posted below. I just took everything i learned and put them in Layman's Terms to make rooting as simple and easy as possible. I also give credit where credit's due. All this and more can be found at AllDroid.org - View forum - Droid and http://www.droidforums.net/

    *this process uninstalls your apps so i suggest downloading Astro File Manager and backup all your apps. trivial work but i think it's worth updating to 2.1. Contacts are saved to your phone so no need to worry. I suggest making a Picasa account because 2.1 syncs your phone to Picasa so it saves a ton a space on your sd if you prefer to have more music instead

    -updated links and how to unroot
    -droid/nexus boot animation by MrLane

    -new method and HumancyBorg's ROM
    *brings back superuser but no corporate calender. if i find a solution, i'll let you know
    *temporary keyboard back light solution> open keyboard> press the sleep button twice> unlock
    *aGPS needs to be on along side GPS in order for GPS to work for
    -Root helper by CrotalusFreak is updated to V8 and 15.0 recovery image to 99.1b by SirPsychoS
    *i included the nexus one boot and simplified the process and files

    How To Root
    1. Download http://goo.gl/rxkP by Zinx Verituse Do not extract.
    2. Rename the file to update
    3. Plug your Droid into your computer via USB. On the Droid go to the Notifications bar and select USB Connected then press Mount
    4. Once the device is mounted, the SD card will show as a removable device on your computer
    5. Put the update file into your SD Card
    6. Unmount the device from your computer, and turn the Droid off.
    7. Hold down the X key on the physical keyboard and the power button at the same time until you see a Triangle with an ! in the middle.
    8. Press the Vol+ and the Camera button together until you get a menu.
    9. Using the D-pad on the physical keyboard, select the option to update with the update.zip file.
    10. Once it's done, select the option to reboot the phone.

    1. Download http://goo.gl/ImTM and unzip it
    2. Copy the folder named Tools and the apk to your sdcard.
    3. Next install the DroidRootHelper.apk to your phone
    * you can use any installer app available through the Android Market
    4. Now run DroidRootHelper
    5. Mount system 3 then 4
    6. Rename recovery
    7. Install busybox
    8. Install flash image
    9. Flash boot animation
    10. Flash SirPsychoS's recovery
    11. Reboot recovery
    *you should see a yellow android as the background and “Patched by SirPsychoS” @ the top

    1. Make a NANDROID back up
    *reboot your phone into recovery> backup/restore
    2. Reboot your Droid, plug it into your comp, and mount
    3. Take everything inside the nandroid folder and make a backup folder on your comp
    *Drag and Drop
    4. Download http://goo.gl/hEBf
    5. Unzip this file
    6. Use everything inside to replace the NANDROID back up in your sd
    *make sure you go to the very last folder within this folder, only way it'll work
    7. Boot phone into recovery
    8. Run NANDROID restore on phone
    *it's under backup/restore
    9. Reboot and enjoy :)

    How To Unroot by sos567656765 from www.droidforums.net
    1. Download http://goo.gl/reBX and extract
    2. Use everything inside the extracted folder to replace the NANDROID back up in your sd
    3. Reboot into recovery> backup/restore> advanced nandroid restore> choose backup> 2.0.1-stock-no-root-no-busybox-no-sholes-v4-BCDMRS-20100115-0421
    *make sure restore boot, cache, data, misc, recovery, and system are all checked (*)
    4. Select perform restore
    5. Reboot and enjoy :)

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  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Is this the same 2.1 that breaks the GPS and the light on the hardware keyboard? :thinking:
  3. PeDe7

    PeDe7 Member
    Thread Starter

    as of now, yes but aGPS is functional and devs are working on fixing both issues
  4. shrink57

    shrink57 Android Expert

    I'm going to wait a bit until all is worked out. Life is already too full of surprises...
  5. chuk1005

    chuk1005 Member

    Thanks for this PeDe.
  6. dakoop

    dakoop Well-Known Member

    Boy o boy. I really want to do this but it seems a bit out of my league. I am used to doing stuff like this on my blackberries.
  7. jmccarthy14

    jmccarthy14 Well-Known Member

    No. GPS works fine and there is a fix for this keyboard.

    This is the same guide posted on the original 2.1 thread (assume you're the same person). Thanks for helpin people out- it will prevent lots of google-able threads.
  8. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Well that's good news. Makes me quite a bit more interested.

    Could you expound on the bolded statement? I don't understand what you mean. :eek:/
  9. jmccarthy14

    jmccarthy14 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that wasn't a poke at you. Just saying this guide will prevent 14 threads titled 'How do i NANDroid or How do i (insert any step he explained).'

    So I was thanking OP. For keeping the threads at the top interesting ).
  10. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Gotcha jm...
  11. pochaco

    pochaco Newbie

    Where can I get the backlight fix?
  12. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member

    Yes can you provide a link to the fix? And are you sure the GPS has no problem? Why was it reported not working if it works?
  13. I need help with step 1 and step 2 of the android 2.1 install. When I reboot my device into recovery I do not see a nandroid subfolder. Am i suppose to be looking for this on the device or the computer???
  14. PeDe7

    PeDe7 Member
    Thread Starter

    if you dont see the custom recovery image, redo the steps under flash busy box and recovery image
  15. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member

    It's the last option on the menu, it's a submenu that lets you make a Nandroid backup to you SD card, You will then need to access the card on your PC to make a backup to your hard drive.
  16. Spotmark

    Spotmark Newbie

    For flashing Busybox and Recovery, do you use your computer to perform these steps, or do you do it on your phone?
  17. PeDe7

    PeDe7 Member
    Thread Starter

    on your phone
  18. jmccarthy14

    jmccarthy14 Well-Known Member

    For GPS/Keyboard testimonies check original thread here:

    AllDroid.org - View topic - [Rom] Stable 2.1 Rooted ROM for moto DROID-NANDROID required

    For backlight, people say something about a 'power widget' trick, but the confirmed fix has been fixing the framework.jar (java archive) pack, this one specifically:android.os.Powermanager

    If noone on that thread has released their patched one soon, and I get around to bringing mine to 2.1 I'll post it here. Or anyone with a little java knowledge should be able to do it using the new one and the one from the droid.

    EDIT: Seems greek himself will be posting it shortly.
  19. gotwillk

    gotwillk Android Enthusiast

    nice! sounds like too much work for me though (read: i'm lazy). i can wait a couple more weeks for official.
  20. dakoop

    dakoop Well-Known Member

    I tried, and failed.
  21. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member

  22. andrew53517

    andrew53517 Android Enthusiast

    See, I rooted my G1 and I know a lot about rooting and stuff like that... but I don't have my droid yet so I guess it's hard for me to judge whether or not I want to root.

    But my question is, is it that much of a difference (besides waiting for 2.1 to come out), like speed and stuff? cause when I rooted my G1 it was not that much faster (if anything it got buggier and I don't want that with the droid)-which is why I sorta don't want to root... but I loveeee doing it and customizing it...Plus I one click rooted my G1 which is brick proof and this is not...another reason holding me back!

    So can I have some advice guys? Please? Thanks a bunch!! :)
  23. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast

    how hard is it to revert back to. 2.0.1 if i decide 2.1 isnt for me?
  24. daonesock

    daonesock Newbie

    can someone please post the files to for 2.0.1 restore with nandroid?

    I want to revert back but i erased my backup on accident

  25. kartman976

    kartman976 Lurker

    Good tutorial....
    Issues that I had when installing 2.1:
    1. I had to check the box for always allowing root or it would crash out on me.
    2. Backup your contacts and apps..... I backed up my apps, but forgot to backup my contacts. Need to transfer them over from my old phone.
    EDIT: restoring my backup (2.0.1) resolved this issue... that would have sucked putting the contacts back in

    Thanks again for the tutorial. Cant wait for some more cooked roms.


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