Root How to root HTC Magic???

Hi i just recieved an HTC magic and i would like to root it. I am kinda new to the android world so any step by step would be awesome.

also would like to know if it can be rooted.

Mode: HTC magic
Firmware: 1.5
Kernel: 2.6.27-5b476e83 htc-kernel@and18-2 #989
build#: 3.05.631.7 CL#118917 release-keys

I have no dataplan so i use apndroid. And my carrier is rogers in canada.

Thanks for the help.I will keep searching for stuff to do to this phone.


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IIRC that old guide doesn't work with all Magics.

For more upto date information I'd use the cyanogenmod wiki as a guide

HTC Magic - CyanogenMod Wiki

I'd also reccommend cyanogenmod if you're looking for a good stable custom ROM. I'm currently running CM 6 RC3 their Beta of a Froyo ROM.


Do a Google search for "universal androot" it is the easiest and quickest root. after its rooted use ROM Manager to install custom recovery.