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How To Root! Optimus Q LGL55c

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rookie407, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Rookie407

    Rookie407 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Posting this for all thoughs out there with an LG Optimus Q LGL55c from straight talk!


    1) Download these Drivers and install them.
    2) Download LG_Esteem_Root.zip.
    3) Plug your phone into the USB on your pc
    4) Make sure your in "charge only" mode.
    5) Open the LG Esteem folder and click the run.bat file, will prompt hit any key to continue... let it do its thing, when its done your phone will reboot and you have root!!!

    SUGGESTED: Do a factory reset after preforming any root or flash!!!
    power off the phone then hold down volume down "home key" and power till you see the android system recovery. scroll(using volume keys) to wipe data/factory reset click "menu key" to select then scroll to yes and select it...




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  2. sootsme

    sootsme Lurker

    Help! the second download link doesn't go anywhere- Chrome can't find it...
  3. jherro

    jherro Lurker

    sootsme, rookie407's links don't work because there's an extra invisible http in them. This is my first post, so I can't include corrected links. Right click rookie407's links, click "Copy Link Location" and paste into Notepad. Remove the extra http, and copy and paste into your browser.

    I successfully rooted my LG Optimus Q, but still can't seem to install Flash. Perhaps I need to overclock??? Can anyone give me further info? I'd love to add Flash to the Dolphin browser on my phone!
  4. rvsuper8

    rvsuper8 Lurker

    This root worked on my phone.
    Now if I could just get CM!!!!
  5. Rookie407

    Rookie407 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    sorry ive been away for awhile what with holidays plus reformated my computer after getting back just not getting back into the swing of things. ive fixed the link everything should work now!!!

    as for the flash get it hereHERE copy the apk to the root of your sd card then install using apk installer (you can get it from the market free).

    hope this helps
    and as always hit the thanks =)
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  6. I have tried this some 6-7 times and it never goes past started daemon..?
    I wait and it just stays there....could this be because I have Lookout and it might be preventing any changes?
    Should I uninstall Lookout and try again? :thinking:
    My phone is straight talk and I did take it to a shop that does Tmobile phones and others and they could not do it either. The guy would not tell me what they tried but said they tried a couple of different ways. :(
  7. vhubbb

    vhubbb Lurker

    I also have lookout on my phone and I am having same problem as Hobbsnmina200. It doesn't get past daemon. Please can someone help us. I am new to all this and need all the help I can get. Thank You
  8. oysterman

    oysterman Lurker

    I can't seem to download the driver. Please help. Thanks.
  9. NateLowery

    NateLowery Lurker

    you have to enable USB debugging. go to Settings --> Applications --> Developement --> and place a check beside "USB Debugging".
  10. NateLowery

    NateLowery Lurker

    you have to enable USB debugging. go to Settings --> Applications --> Developement --> and place a check beside "USB Debugging".
  11. Xade

    Xade Lurker

    thank you so much now I have a mobile hotspot and lots of other things that i can do to my phone to make it truly my own. Once I located the file and used the right drivers it was a snap to root my phone.

    Thanks again

    PS make sure you have usb debugging on (As posted by NateLowery)and google the files since you cannot access it on the post When I get a chance, and the posts I'll find a place to host plus step by step instructions, crediting this thread and user of course. Also any mods and stuff that work.
  12. Topken

    Topken Well-Known Member

    Have a LG optimus q that needs to be rooted and everything is pointing here and these are pointing to dead files so can we get a reupload of these please.
  13. lilpat993

    lilpat993 Lurker

    hi i am here today is to tell you that i decided to ether go step by step and tell people how to root there android or i will allow them to ship there phone to me and i when i recieve the phone i will root the phone and then ship it back hopefuly that day or the next day...........if anyones interested email anytime: youngpatrick123@gmail.com
    or call me between 3pm-9pm est monday thru friday
    AND OPEN 24hrs on the weekend
    and you can text anytime of the week
    my number is: 606-689-9184
  14. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    All the links are dead, please fix em!!!!!

    My stepdads phone needs to b rooted so I can correct the issues he's experiencing atm

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