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How to root SPH-M840 Samsung Galaxy Ring

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sr10638, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. sr10638

    sr10638 Lurker
    Thread Starter


    So i'll start by saying I have successfully rooted this device. Please be aware you may brick your device in this process, I say this only as a precaution I have yet to have any problems using this method, but as always be weary. For the root I used the method I found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2130276 by poster alephzain and tweaked it a bit for this device. All I had to do was the following:

    1) Grab the file from the above mentioned guide (Framaroot-1.5.1.apk)

    2) Email this file to yourself, so you can download it to your phone directly (but don't download yet).

    3) On your device go to settings and then security. Make sure App installation from unknown sources is checked.

    4) Now bring up the email you sent yourself with the attached file on your phone. Download the attachment and install it. Make sure to select package installer, not the Google installer when prompted.

    5) Open the app, Framaroot. Leave the "Install Superuser" setting alone and select the Gandalf exploit from the list. Then reboot your device.

    6) Once the reboot is complete again open Framaroot app. This time changing "Install Superuser" setting to "Install SuperSU" and again select the Gandalf exploit from the list. Then reboot your device again.

    7) DONE! That's it. You device should now have root access. Verify it by downloading a root check app from the Play store.

    It's quick and painless, I rooted my device in less than 5 minutes without needing to connect the phone to a computer.

    Again I want to give credit to where I got the information and the Framaroot.apk to alephzain and the developers of the Framaroot app. This is just a modification of their instructions.

    Please let me know how it goes for you!.


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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    oh nice....thanx for posting this.....i'm gonna sticky this, if you do not mind.
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  3. aestrada225

    aestrada225 Lurker

    Mine didn't root according to the root checking app I got from the play store. Should I try doing it again or should I try it with 1.5.2?
  4. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert

    This didn't work for me either. My assumption is if you accepted the OTA updates this root method will not work
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  5. beatdroppah

    beatdroppah Well-Known Member

    just picked my Ring up today. took the OTA immediately. follow that same link, and download the (now) 1.5.3 version of the apk and followed OP directions. works fine for me, got me rooted, and downloaded and ran wifi tether to confirm. thanks :)
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  6. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

  7. beatdroppah

    beatdroppah Well-Known Member

    thanks!!!! too bad im bootlooping already...hence my thread i opened :/
  8. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!


    i missed that thread:(:(:(
  9. beatdroppah

    beatdroppah Well-Known Member

    oh its all good, just frustrating...havent even had the phone for 6 hours lol...and i cant get stupid adb logcat to work to help me fix it...ugh
  10. tinaburke

    tinaburke Lurker

    Thanks...first try worked perfect..good work..
  11. Orothos

    Orothos Lurker

    Does it still work with current as of 11/15/13?
  12. tootonetony

    tootonetony Newbie

    If I updated my samsung and official os firmware in my settings cant the root still work with this exploit or will it brick it
  13. russtang

    russtang Lurker

    Just used framaroot 1.7.0 to root mine. No problem. Android 4.1.2, kernel 3.4.0-1382747 08/29 12:12:35.
  14. borstarhymes

    borstarhymes Lurker

    i've never done a root before and am nervous i went to the site and noticed there is higher framaroot 1.8 something i think should i DL that one instead any help would be appreciated as i don't want to brick my phone
  15. borstarhymes

    borstarhymes Lurker

    also will rooting my phone allow me to have the phone read the sd card as internal storage thanks again
  16. captne76

    captne76 Lurker

    Had a Virgin Mobile Samsung SPH-M840 and it had some weird phone number with 6 zeros to start and wouldn't connect.
    Cust Support gave me the following in order to View Edit or save (Done) the MDN number (your assigned phone number) and the MSID number:

    Dial ##543576# that will bring you to the screen to do that.

    Other numbers they gave me earlier that did not work, but do other things that might work for you:

    ##72786# request for update (You get a screen message SCRTN and then it reboots)

    ##847446# might be an update or activate request.

  17. i completed this and it has worked thus far. now that it IS rooted, how to i transfer all my apps to my sd?
  18. mjhealy78

    mjhealy78 Newbie

    All's well that ends well! Simple, easiest phone 've ever rooted! Kinda took all the fun outta it!!! Oh well thanks guys/gals~:D
  19. mjhealy78

    mjhealy78 Newbie

    Just rooted my girls galaxy ring, worked fine! I used framaroot 1.9.1 with no problems, almost too easy! Thanx!!!
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  20. SariBalles22

    SariBalles22 Lurker

    I finally got mine rooted.. My current issue is I cant manage to get rid of the Virgin mobile boot animation or the virgin mobile tagline on my lock screen. those are really the only two reasons I wanted my phone rooted in the first place :/
  21. bakerd62

    bakerd62 Member

    Found a way to root the Samsung galaxy ring(sph-m840), after md5 OTA update!
    1. Download framaroot 1.5.1
    2. Open the app, choose superuser
    3. Click Gandalf
    4. Reboot your phone
    5. Go back to the app, repeat steps 2 and 3
    6. Reboot your phone
    7. Download root checker from the play store
    8. Check to see if you have root access
    (9) If you don't have root access, then redo steps 2-4
    10. Phone is rooted!!!!

    Hoped this helped :)
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  22. TheRealKTFO

    TheRealKTFO Well-Known Member

    Rooted my Ring yesterday following this guide. I'm a little upset about the whole process. It was way too easy.

    I already had the mh5 update, Kernel 3.4.0-1382747...I used Framaroot 1.5.3.

    Have noticed zero issues so far...Now I need to find something that works to move my appps/files to the sd card.

    Easiest root of a phone I've ever done...
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  23. kzthc23

    kzthc23 Lurker

    I rooted this phone with Framaroot-1.9.2. It was even simpler than the original post, all I had to do was open Framaroot, tap Gandalf, reboot, and the phone was rooted, simple as that.
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  24. mjhealy1978

    mjhealy1978 Android Enthusiast

    I rooted my girls Galaxy Ring back in January with Framaroot!!! Simple!!! I used it to root my Lg Optimus F3 4G last week too. It really is too easy!
  25. Melissa Glick

    Melissa Glick Lurker

    tried to download forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2130276 Framaroot-1.51apk ....contained virus!

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