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How to root the HTC Wildfire S (S-on) Marvelc/Marvel Compiled Procedure January 2013

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gryffon, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter


    Thanks to ALL who have shared their knowledge of the issues surrounding rooting the HTC Wildfire S on PHANDROID and elsewhere, not least our very own CafeKampuchia whose thread was where I started. I have taken the liberty of using, changing, updating and/or editing certain steps from other users on PHANDROID and other sites purely because I don't want to spend two days writting this thread.

    As I was/am a complete novice with the world of rooting I will start by saying I had a nightmare trying to make sense of all the countless comments, threads and technical jargen that is all over the net regarding the issues of rooting the wfs. I met with all kinds of problems, mostly because a lot of information was simply not explained to the novice, but more directed at developer stage guys. I will attempt to explain things a little bit better where necessary, but in all reality, you have to make sure you UNDERSTAND the instructions here and follow the steps AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. This is no "fast-fix", there is NO ONE-CLICK ROOTING SOFTWARE out there that is currently able to root ALL the wildfire s, to date I have tried thirteen methods, none worked. So, I can only advise you find some time, a few hours at least, and set your mind on having the patience to do this right.

    STEP 1.

    Before we even get into the phone rooting business, you will need to do some time consuming stuff first...

    Before you begin, make sure that your computer can properly recognize the phone:

    You will need SDK tools for Android, Java runtime, and HTC Sync installed on your Windows computer. The latest edition of the SDK is fine, but once you have set it up you should update through the SDK manager and install the platform 2.3.3

    1. You only need to install HTC Sync for the drivers that come with it. But the program sometimes causes conflicts, so during this procedure, make sure it is not running. Open Task Manager in Windows and kill it. If you don’t use HTC Sync, you may also open Control Panel and uninstall it without uninstalling the drivers.
    I am not here to help with the SDK etc. You need to have that all figured out and running before you proceed further.

    2. Learn to HBOOT. You will need to know how to HBOOT the phone as it may be necessary to do this several times during the procedure. The simply method is this:
    a) Power down the phone.
    b) Once the phone is OFF, remove the battery and replace. Then holding down the volume DOWN button press the POWER button at the same time. You can release once the phone powers up.
    c) You'll now be in the 'BOOTLOADER' screen and will see HBOOT in blue highlight and lower down you should see FASTBOOT, ECOVERY etc. You can move up or down in the menu screen using the Volume up/down key and select an item using the Power button on your phone.
    Making sure you have not highlighted anything other than Fastboot you can now press the power button which will start up your phone as normal.

    *** FASTBOOT USB <------ This is what you need to be on your phone when flashing recoveries. When in HBOOT, highlight FASTBOOT, then press power button. Once in FASTBOOT it is here that you attach your USB cable to the PC. Do not try to flash the recoveries in ANY OTHER STATUS OR IT WILL FAIL. ******

    You will know you are in FASTBOOT as you see a screen with the pink ***UNLOCKED*** bar at the top, followed by device details. Below that you should see FASTBOOT highlighted in RED and lower down, BOOTLOADER highlighted in blue followed by REBOOT etc. Now if you attach your USB to the PC FASTBOOT should now become FASTBOOT USB after a few seconds.

    Remember this procedure.

    STEP 2.

    NOW DO THIS...

    Unlock your bootloader at htcdev.com
    Go to htcdev.com and follow the procedure there to unlock your bootloader. This is the step that can void your warranty! But is necessary in order to proceeed.

    You need your bootloader to state ***UNLOCKED*** at the top of the HBOOT SCREEN (If it is NOT unlocked you cannot proceed to root.)

    STEP 3.

    NOTE:Download the file root_assistant.zip Found at end of post.) Create a new folder that is easy to navigate to on your PC and the unzip the contents of the zip directly into your new folder. Name the folder 'Phone Root' or something.


    a) Before you begin UNMOUNT YOUR SD CARD ( Menu>>Settings>>SD & Storage>>Unmount SD Card .) Then you need to set your phone in debugging mode: menu>>settings>>applications>>developement>> check the box for debug mode.
    Also you need to ensure 'fastboot' is checked: Menu>>settings>>power>>fastboot ...check the box...
    Then finally, your 'connect to pc' needs to be set on "Charge Only" - menu>>settings>>connect to pc>>charge only <--- VERY IMPORTANT

    b) Connect your phone via the USB to the PC, wait about 30 seconds.

    c) Go to the ALL In One Kit folder located inside your new folder, open and launch the tool kit interface by clicking the root_assistant.exe icon in the folder.

    d)Allow the program to start and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE UNTIL DIRECTED.


    e) Once started, on the tool kit interface look on the RIGHT hand side and select the TWRP for your phone, either GSM or CMDA or the 'OWN RECOVERY' (I Recommended TWRP v2.2.2.0 which is already set as "own Recovery" and works with both CDMA and GSM)

    STEP 4.

    *NOTE* Please do not be tempted to mess with other functions of the tool not mentioned here, EVEN IF YOUR FLASH FAILED. Try another recovery image or root SU until you get one that works.

    a) With the correct TWRP select and ignoring EVERYTHING else, click the "FLASH RECOVERY" buttom underneath your selection on the Tool Kit interface. A command prompt window opens and does it's stuff...

    Wait a while while the operation completes....

    The recovery will now be installed unless you get errors, in which case you've done something wrong. Start again and read more carefully.

    b) You can press any key on the command prompt to close it. If your phone has not automatically rebooted then reboot it yourself as normal.

    IF you get stuck on the HTC screen after reboot, give at least 5 minutes for the recovery to start. It doesn't always work on first boot, so be patient. If after 10 minutes the phone still hasn't booted, do a HBOOT >> Fastboot >> Recovery ... hopefully it will work this time, again be patient. If no worrkky this time after waiting 10 minutes, do a HBOOT and start over using a different recovery. More details of changing recoveries in the tool kit can be found on README files in various locations in the Root Assistant directory.

    c)Now repeat Step 1. a) + b)

    STEP 5.

    a) Once reconnected to the PC go back to the Root Assistant interface and look for the "Etras" window (Bottom Right Corner.) Select 'Perm Root' from the options and the click the "Run" button below the window.

    b) Another command prompt will open and do it's magic and in no more than 30 seconds you should see "Successful" or something. You are now Rooted! Disconnect the Device from your PC. You can now use the tool kit interface to reboot the system or into recovery before you disconnect your USB. I suggest using the Reboot to Recovery choice at this point to check that TWRP installed correctly. NOTE: As with all new installtions when first flashed, it may take longer for the device to start up than normal.) Once twrp has started, check it out and remember you utilize the Backup before making any further changes!

    STEP 6.

    Check everything out. If you have not already check out recovery as noted above, or you are no longer connected via usb to the pc, do the following:
    Remember how to HBOOT? If not look above and remind yourself, then Reboot the phone into HBOOT.

    Once in HBOOT allow a few seconds for the PG image to load then once it's settled select "Recovery" in the menu using the volume up/down key and select using the power button. The phone should now load the recovery that you've just flashed.It may take a minute or two so be patient.

    Once you see the recovery window open (Nice dark background with light blue tabs?) you can utilize the recovery however you chose and use the interface to install different ROMS etc.

    To check for root first find out if the SU installed on the device! It will be in your applications if successful, if it is NOT there, you need to reboot, check again, and if still not there, TRY ANOTHER SU!


    Check out the stock roms on my download page if you are uncertain of what to expect or simply want to try things out.

    NOTE: I downloaded Link2sd from google play (Which needs Super User access) as a test to see if the phone actually rooted, and the prompt came up asking for super user access, which I granted, and the app connected without issue. :)

    I hope all this helps at least some of you who may have experienced similar issues with rooting you HTC Wildfire S

    If it helps don't forget to click THANKS!


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  2. Austinsaga

    Austinsaga Lurker

    Hey Gryffon..!! ua one god at this man..!! *respect..* brother *respect* i have been trying from months almost years...n u did that work for me soo easy..!! thnks a lot bro..
    FUlly rooted..!!
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  3. Austinsaga

    Austinsaga Lurker

    Hey pls...reply to me.i rooted n next day phone started booting itself...its restarting...than after hours i got angry n did a factory reset n now it stuck on bootloop..plsss help..
  4. Caro332

    Caro332 Android Expert

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  5. ispayk22

    ispayk22 Lurker

    Unlocking the bootloader is not mentioned on the steps... not needed anymore? Is it safe not to unlock the bootloader? Thanks!
  6. Caro332

    Caro332 Android Expert

    I have not tried this method but as far as I know, it is not possible to root unless your are unlocked (Maybe it's changed as I have rooted my phone quite a while ago but I doubt it). I would suggest you unlock it, nothing should happen.

    Gryffon if being unlocked is one of the requirements to root as per your post, please update your guide :)
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  7. Nabbasi

    Nabbasi Lurker

    Gryffon.. I'm following you from the other topic to here.. I saw you had same problem I'm facing with my phone (When I boot into recovery it immediately stucks on white screen with htc logo on it and nothing goes ahead).. I'm providing below my phone details and the procedure I followed please help me where I'm going wrong...

    Device: HTC Wildfire S s-on A510e.
    HBOOT: 1.09.0099 -S-ON (Bootloader Unlocked though from htcdev.com Skipping the RUU section as I couldn't find ROM for my device/I'm not sure what was right RUU..anyhow my bootloader says ***Unlocked*** using All in One Tool Kit)
    Adnriod Version: 2.3.5
    Sense Version: 2.1
    Software Number: 2.26.707.2
    Kernel Version:

    After unlocking the bootloader I downloaded and installed CWM5028.img using All in one tool kit.. It went fine.. device was rebooted. thn I downloaded root.zip file and placed it in sd card turned the phone off and booted in hboot.. now when I select Recovery option it goes white screen with htc logo on it and that's it... (when I tried to do factory reset phone hangs on white screen again whit htc logo on it..I have to pull out the battery and reboot phone normally to use it)

    My Hboot looks like this.
    Marvel PVT SHIP S-ON RL
    FEB 8 2012, 18:29:31



    what can I do to get my device rooted?
  8. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    Firstly, for some reason I wasn't following my own post! I'm sorry for that, I have no excuse, other than I have this procedure elsewhere and was following there. :eek:

    I have updated the procedure above as for some reason it did not include the all imortant "UNLOCK YOUR BOOTLOADER" remark. Of course, your device needs to have the bootloader "UNLOCKED" before you try rooting (S-ON /S-OFF) is no longer a concern if you follow the procedure at htcdev:

    Unlock your bootloader at htcdev.com
    The next step is to head over to htcdev.com and follow the procedure there to unlock your bootloader. This is the step that can void your warranty!

    I will try to help anyone else with issues one to one... (I'm now subscribed to my own threads lol *Sigh* - )
  9. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    Errrr, :eek: I just did, for some reason I wasn't subscribed to my own bloody tuturial ! Sorry guys...
  10. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, I'm taking it that as it stands you cannot get into recovery, right? You do still have the capability of flashing from the ALL In One Kit?
    If so, then all is well and we'll have you sorted in just a few minutes...
    If you can let me know your status RIGHT NOW then I can help you RIGHT NOW... I'll be here for several more hours...

    In the meantime, don't FLASH ANYTHING ELSE... I just need you to be able to go to bootloader and be able to connect to PC in "Charge Only Mode." I'm not sure WHY you lfashed the cwm recovery image, that is not in the tuturial and I found the cwm recoveries to be a crap on my device... in the tuturial I mention using the TWRP as I KNOW THIS WORKS better, even consider getting the latest vervison from http://teamw.in/project/twrp2 and overiting the "recovery.img" file located in the All In One Tool Kit directory >>Data>>Recoveries>> simply copy and paste and overwrite the file. Then when flashing the recovery using the kit interface, select "OWN RECOVERY" , then flash... I'll gurantee it works, although, I preffered the TWRP v2.2.1 as it has less bugs and is very stable.

    I think I'll add more detail and update my tuturial...
  11. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    Nothing can be completely 'Safe' when messing with you Androids inners, but it is 98% successful as far as I know. But, it WILL void your warranty, although it IS possible to get the phone back to a locked state if need be.
  12. Nabbasi

    Nabbasi Lurker

    Well ..to be honest I tried other methods too when I was unaable to get it
    rooted... and yes.. I still can flash in all in one tool kit.. i'll download the recovery image from link you gave in a while and update you with the results...

    and yes I can't boot into recovery mode from my hboot. ..
  13. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, hold on there... I have a new recovery image for the all in one kit, and and a couple of other things... I'll add them here in a bit...
    If you phone is Unlocked, if you get into HBOOT with fastboot enabled, if you can still FLASH using the tool kit, then there is no reason I can see that... 1) You should have an issue flashing TWRP and it working. 2) That you can't then flash the root.zip from THAT recovery...

    But we could try doing it in reverse usng the kit, try flashing the root.zip BEFORE flashing the recovery?
  14. Nabbasi

    Nabbasi Lurker

    Gryffon... I downloaded the recovery image from link you gave.. flashed it in All one tool kit.. everything went well.. fone was rebooted... but again when I went to hboot into recovey mode fone was imidiate stuk on white screen with htc logo and nothing else.. what would you suggest now ?
  15. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    sent you an invite in gtalk...
  16. Caro332

    Caro332 Android Expert

    Some of the newer phones have that problem and for a long time there was no solution for it. But don't panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They found a way.
    Follow this link:
    Flash the recovery that Operator 3 has provided in the post No 32

    The only thing is that you will not be able to flash any CM roms. Only stock based roms...
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  17. JBell1992

    JBell1992 Lurker

    Where's the attached file?
  18. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    working on that right now :)
    Tried to add yesterday but we had BAD weather yesterday and I lost connection while I was uploading... give me a few minutes...

    Actually, give me a little while, I have decide to modify things before I upload... be patient..:)
  19. JBell1992

    JBell1992 Lurker

    Okay thank you. I think I could be on my third or fourth tutorial now. None of them seem to be working for me so I must be doing something wrong! Although I'm at the stage where my phone is ***UNLOCKED***
  20. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    I know how that feels! But I can't guarantee it will work on all wfs devices. It worked for me however, and others, but some folk have not been so lucky. I have redone the tutorial other the last day or so and repacked the Tool Kit with extra stuff and more detailed README's in various folders...

    I think one of the most common problems with rooting for some folk is 'Patience' and following each step EXACTLY, but I think (Like myself) it gets so boring having to reboot, hboot, flash over and over again, folk get either confused or just plain bored lol.

    But I'm around everyday on and off and will help where I can..

    I can't attach the file here on the post because of size limits :mad:
    But I'm going to add a link to download my file direct in just a minute..
    Get root assistant here..
    good luck!
  21. Caro332

    Caro332 Android Expert

    If your phone is unlocked, I would say the most difficult part is over :)
    For me the scariest part of the whole thing was unlocking the phone. Rooting it (If Supertool works for you) is the easiest thing
  22. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    Well with HTCdev unlocking the phone is pretty easy if you follow simply instruction, but tes, it is scary, especially when it is the first step and you've read horror stories all over the net :rolleyes:

    What is WEEELLLLY SCARY though is when you do all the stuff (Thinking you've done everything right but worried sick that you haven't,) and then just get stuck on a White HTC screen.... remember, that happened to me for DAYYYYSSSS. Looking back, and knowing what I know now, I think what a ninkumpoop I was.... I just wish I could help people out more so they don't have to lose their hair and break out in hives followed by sedation at the local hospital, and a visit from a shrink :banghead: <---- that was me! haha!

    I updated the tutorial and rewrote the instructions, more detail, and hope it doesn't seem to confusing, also added a few readmes in different places that explains things that I didn't know when starting out, so at least people have a better chance than I did at avoiding most common issues.
  23. Nabbasi

    Nabbasi Lurker

    Caro332..thank you,
    Gryffon..thank you bruv you were a great help all the way..
  24. Gryffon

    Gryffon Member
    Thread Starter

    Phew! I'm pleased mate, let me know whether you chose to go with a custom rom, repacked stock rom, or if you are simply staying with rooted device.
    And good luck...
  25. Nabbasi

    Nabbasi Lurker

    I guess I'm gonna stay with rooted device ..Now I don't have any issue with internal memory, I like the stock rom and already removed unwanted apps so I'm good now. :) My main concern was increasing battery life somehow but I guess there is no way out. Thanks anyway..

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