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How To Root Wildfire S With S-ON +Video!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mordechai, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. mordechai

    mordechai Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, I am going to show you how to quickly root your phone with S-ON, you need to have your bootloader unlocked. This will also work for MetroPCS users (finally)! If you haven't been able to root your phone with the popular HTCSupertoolv3,etc...then try this free and easy tool to root your phone, without getting errors!

    First download the Wildfire S Manager: http://www.juniorwebdevs.co.uk/wfs/Wildfire%20S%20Manager.exe

    NOW WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO I MADE: How To Root HTC Wildfire S With S-ON! - YouTube

    Now Here is a text tutorial on how to do it.
    (Recommended)Watch the video first for a easier and better understanding of how to do it.

    1.Run WFS Manager as Admin
    2. Have USB Debugging & HTC Sync ticked (not charge only)
    3. Press "1"
    4. Enter "1" again (Root with CWM Recovery)
    5. Let it root.
    6. Your Done! Phone will reboot on success.

    Also If your feeling nice and this helped you please like the video, much appreciated :)

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Android Expert

    How come you don't credit the developer who made WFS Manager? You want us to push the thanks button for you instead of him? That doesn't seem right to me.
  3. t0nck

    t0nck Lurker


    the link for wfs manager doesn't work... (error 404)
  4. Caro332

    Caro332 Android Expert

    I suggest you ask the owner of the program to give you another link :)
    and thank him like Cafekampuchia has mentioned :D
    Here's the original thread/forum

    edit: According to eoghan2t7 , he knows the link is dead and he is fixing it. Just check again in a couple of days.
  5. eoghan2t7

    eoghan2t7 Lurker

    i no the link is dead im doing a complete rewrite of the manager and adding tweak installers and also rom installers for users that have there bootloaders unlocked i will post a new link here when everything is updated and tested.

    btw i dont care about credits for it would be nice but its no big deal ;)
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  6. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Android Expert

    Tks for the great attitude Eoghan. Nonetheless, we should still operate ethically. Looking forward to hearing more about the re-written tool.

    Btw, welcome to Androidforums. So familiar with your name from xda I didn't realize that you're a new member here!
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  7. Caro332

    Caro332 Android Expert

    It's good to have you in AF as well!!! :) Welcome!!!!!!!
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  8. eoghan2t7

    eoghan2t7 Lurker

    Thanks you mate

    thanks glad to be hear too. im adding support for the htc aria aka Liberty in the next version and hopefully if donations bump up i will be able to add support for every android phone on XDA and here ;) so there is a one tool does all kind of thing for android phones lol.

    p.s. i didnt no this thread was here my wordpress install told me about the thread thanks to the backlink lol
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