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Root How to Root X10 2.1.55

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Superbrowndude, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member
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    Model Number
    Firmware Version
    2.1 Update1
    Baseband Version
    Kernal version
    Build Number

    I was using Free X10 Beta 4 and was missing my HD Camcorder,so I used the option repair through SEUS and got the latest firmware which is .55.

    Then I used the XDA flash Tool
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Connect the phone(make sure USB Debugging is Enabled,DO NOT mount Sd Card),then click root.
    Congratulation's you should now have root access

    You can also install XRecovery using the flash tool,click advanced then select install XRecovery.
    Download Busybox from the market,not the one in the flash tool.

    If this helped ya,Click Thanks ;)


  2. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    I used SuperOneClick 1.6.5 to root my X10 and it has worked just fine. Just saying this as another option for rooting the phone.

    I followed this procedure to root:

    1. Shell root
    2. Root
    3. Performed root check
    4. Rebooted my phone
    5. Installed BusyBox from Market
    6. Installed xRecovery, Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, custom themes, etc.

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