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How to root!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by irateiguana, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. irateiguana

    irateiguana Newbie
    Thread Starter

    1. Install the drivers (they're for the exhibit 1 but they work for the exhibit 2)
    2. Go to your phone's settings then applications then development and enable USB debugging
    3. Plug the phone in to the computer
    4. Run the root
    5. ?????
    6. PROFIT!

    If SU binary does not update correctly, install an app from the Android Market called "BusyBox Installer" and when you open the app you have to change the install option to "bin" (the default is "xbin") and then click "install" (you do this from within the app after you install it).

    DRIVERS: TMO_T759_ADB_Tether_Drivers.zip

    ROOT: Zerg rush root.rar

    EDIT: I got this information from various threads in the exhibit 1 forums and I take NO credit for any of it. All I did was compile all of the information and put it in our own forum.

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  2. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    I've seen some people getting stuck so I provide a few more details for total noobs (like me) in case there is a hidden important detail. Please comment if there are unnecessary details and I will edit the post:

    I'm a noob and I don't know how risky the procedure is. Do it at your own risks (would not be surprised if it would void the warranty...).

    1) Plug your phone on your computer. If you have a Windows it may detect and download the drivers automatically (confirmed for me on windows 7 64 bits, I do not remember if I did settings>applications>development>usb debugging before plugging the device). If not, install the drivers as recommended on the previous post.
    2) settings>applications>development>usb debugging (I also had enabled settings>applications>development>unknown sources)
    3. Plug the phone into the computer
    (3'.don't know if this is needed but I did it, click "usb connected" on the top menu>connect usb storage)
    (3''.don't know if this is needed but I did it, settings>display>Screen time-out>10 minutes)
    4. Extract Zerg rush (the guy said to drop the folder on your desktop, I did it but I don't know if it is important or not).
    5. Run ZergRushTempRoot.bat (contrary to what the name suggest, it is not a temporary root, it is permanent !)
    The phone should be rooted and there should be superuser and terminal on the application list.

    Applications that can be removed safely (frozen with titanium backup may be a good idea for a noob like me, that's what I did !) according to all the information I could get on the internet, from people working on the exhibit II and other samsung devices on xda-forum and other forums. I removed most of the green applications but I cannot confirm for all of them. In general, it is risky to remove file system applications ! Use common sense and don't forget that YOU are responsible of your own system and what you erase ! There is still some uncertainty, please post feedbacks, it will help to improve the list.

    Thanks to people using other samsung devices on XDA, Swonsay and VanillaTbone using the exhibit 2 on XDA, Surgerush here.

    Modifications since first post: Alphabetical order should be ok now. +/-/! sign added (redundant with the color code but it's the point).
    Following comment added for the Web app: Reported to remove voice search functionality.

    + Considered safe to remove (but you loose what the app does...)
    - Caution. REMOVAL not advised. Either not clear if it's safe or you remove an important feature
    ! DON'T TOUCH !

    + 411 & More (LiveSource1_2_20110719.signed.apk)
    + Adobe Flash Player (install_flash_player.apk can be installed from the market ?)

    ! AlertRecipients (AlertRecipients.apk and AlertRecipients.odex unkown function)
    + AllShare (Dlna.apk and Dlna.odex. Disable DLNA client)
    + Android Live Wallpapers (LiveWallpapers.apk and LiveWallpapers.odex)

    ! ampTuning (ampTuning.apk and ampTuning.odex unknown)
    ! AudioTestApp (AudioTestApp.apk and AudioTestApp.odex. Unknown. Reported to have been removed safely.)
    ! audioTuning (audioTuning.apk and audioTuning.odex unknown)

    - Backup (MobileBackup-unsigned_v3.3.02.apk-TMO-Signed.apk)
    (from another post here, it is T-Mobile Backup. Apparently you may be in trouble if you do not disable sync of T-Mobile Backup in settings>Accounts and sync, then click on T-mobile and uncheck the sync box)

    ! BadgeProvider (BadgeProvider.apk and BadgeProvider.odex, will cause FC's if removed)
    + Bejeweled 2 (Bejeweled2_trust5.apk)
    + Blio (T-Mobile_Blio_1.0.1803_PROD_for_2.2.apk)

    ! BluetoothAvrcp (BluetoothAvrcp.apk and BluetoothAvrcp.odex, Needed for bluetooth)
    ! Blue Tooth Share (BluetoothOpp.apk and BluetoothOpp.odex, Needed for bluetooth file transfer between phones)
    ! Blue Tooth Share (BluetoothPbap.apk and BluetoothPbap.odex, Needed for bluetooth)

    + BluetoothTest (BluetoothTestMode.apk and BluetoothTestMode.odex, Bluetooth test)
    +Bonus Apps (bonusapps-
    + Books (BooksPhone.apk and BooksPhone.odex)

    ! BrcmBluetoothServices (BrcmBluetoothServices.apk and BrcmBluetoothServices.odex, Needed for bluetooth)
    + Calculator (TouchWizCalculator.apk and TouchWizCalculator.odex, Touchwizz calculator. You will need another calculator if you remove this)
    + Calendar (TouchWizCalendar.apk and TouchWizCalendar.odex, Touchwizz calculator. You will need another calendar if you remove this)
    + Calendar (It's the one with the sheet slightly folded, the second on titanium backup list. TwCalendarAppWidget.apk and TwCalendarAppWidget.odex, Touchwizz calander app widget)

    - Calendar storage (CalendarProvider.apk and CalendarProvider.odex, calendar sync. Remove only if calendar has been removed. But which one ??? Touchwizcalendar ?)
    ! Call settings (CallSetting.apk and CallSetting.odex, edit call settings)
    + Camera (Camera.apk and Camera.odex, safe to remove but disable camera ?)
    ! Certificate Installer (CertInstaller.apk and CertInstaller.odex)
    + Clock (the one WITHOUT hours on the clock the first clock on titanium backup list, it's the analog clock widget. AnalogClock.apk and AnalogClock.odex)
    - Clock (the one WITH hours on the clock the second clock on titanium backup list, ClockPackage.apk and ClockPackage.odex. Without this cannot set alarm, timer, etc)
    + com.lifevibes.trimapp (TrimApp.apk and TrimApp.odex, part of the video editor app, video maker which is on the galaxy II but not on the exhibit 2)
    ! Codec Tuning by HSS (codecTuning.apk and codecTuning.odex unknown)
    + com.logmein.rescue(LMIRescue.apk Log me In spyware or remote control ?)
    + com.logmein.rescuesecurity (LMIRescueSecurity.apk Log me In spyware or remote control ?)

    ! com.samsung.InputEventApp (InputEventApp.apk and InputEventApp.odex. Unknown, may be related to inputs like touchscreen and buttons)
    + com.sec.android.app.lcdtest (lcdtest.apk and lcdtest.odex accessed by typing *#0*# ?)
    + com.sec.android.app.screencapture (ScreenCaptureService.apk and ScreenCaptureService.odex, remove the possibility to take screen captures by pressing home and power button)

    ! com.sec.android.providers.downloads (SecDownloadProvider.apk and SecDownloadProvider.odex, part of the file download system)
    ! com.sec.bootprocesskiller (BootProcessKiller.apk and BootProcessKiller.odex unkown function)
    ! Contacts (Contacts.apk and Contacts.odex, contacts, call log etc)
    ! Contacts Storage (ContactsProvider.apk and ContactsProvider.odex, contacts sync)
    ! CrashNotifier (PhoneCrashNotifier.apk and PhoneCrashNotifier.odex, unknown)
    ! CSC (CSC.apk and CSC.odex . Not clear if it's ok to remove after first boot or if it breaks the phone)
    ! DataCreate (DataCreate.apk and DataCreate.odex, removal will cause force closure on boot)
    + Device management (wssyncmldm.apk and wssyncmldm.odex. Remove possibility to open Menu > Settings> Software update ?)
    ! Dialer (Phone.apk and Phone.odex, phone app and dialer)
    ! Dialer storage (TelephonyProvider.apk and TelephonyProvider.odex, stores ! SMS/MMS and APN settings)
    ! Downloads (DownloadProvider.apk and DownloadProvider.odex. Force close with market and other apps)
    + Downloads (DownloadProviderUi.apk and DownloadProviderUi.odex HAS EXACTLY THE SAVE NAME THAN DownloadProvider.apk THIS ONE IS THE UI WITH AN ARROW ON IT, the first in titanium backup list)
    - DRM content (SisoDrmProvider.apk and SisoDrmProvider.odex, reported not to be safe to remove. removal may stop media with DRM like ringtones to work)
    + Dual Clock (dual clock widget DualClock.apk and DualClock.odex)
    + Email 3.0 (Email.apk and Email.odex, it is not Gmail but the stock email client)
    + Email 1.0 (EmailWidget.apk and EmailWidget.odex, the widget for the stock email client)
    ! EncryptApp (Encrypt.apk and Encrypt.odex function unknown)
    ! Error (PhoneErrService.apk and PhoneErrService.odex, unknown)
    + FactoryTest (FactoryTest.apk and FactoryTest.odex)
    + Files (MyFiles.apk and MyFiles.odex. Stock file manager.)
    - Gallery3( Gallery3D.apk and Gallery3D.odex, Gallery application. Needed for choosing wallpaper for lock screen)
    - Gmail( Gmail.apk and Gmail.odex, can be installed from market but may FC if installed as a user application)
    ! Google account and setting sync (AccountAndSyncSettings.apk and AccountAndSyncSettings.odex)
    ! Search application provider (ApplicationsProvider.apk and ApplicationsProvider.odex, provide search suggestions, safe or unsafe to remove depending of the source)
    - GoogleBackupTransport (GoogleBackupTransport.apk and GoogleBackupTransport.odex, Google backup services)
    - GoogleCalendarSync (GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk and GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.odex, calendar sync)
    - GoogleContactsSync (GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk and GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.odex, contact sync)
    - (GoogleFeedback.apk and GoogleFeedback.odex, force close reported)
    ! Google Partner Setup (GooglePartnerSetup.apk and GooglePartnerSetup.odex. Unknown)
    + Google Search (GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk and GoogleQuickSearchBox.odex, Needed to show contacts that match as entering numbers in phone app and the long press menu to search function)
    ! Google Services Framework (GoogleServicesFramework.apk and GoogleServicesFramework.odex, needed for google apps)
    + Highlight (highlight-2.0.73556.9-unsigned.signed.apk)
    + Home screen tips (Protips.apk and Protips.odex)
    - HTML Viewer (HTMLViewer.apk and HTMLViewer.odex may be used by other apps but reported to have been removed without side effects)
    + Kies air (KiesAir.apk)
    + Licence settings (Divx.apk and Divx.odex, DIVX player)
    + LiveWallpapersPicker (LiveWallpapersPicker.apk and LiveWallpapersPicker.odex)
    ! LogsProvider (LogsProvider.apk and LogsProvider.odex, call and SMS logs, will cause force close if removed)
    + Lookout Anti-Virus (com.lookout_Release.apk)
    - Maps (Maps.apk and Maps.odex, google maps, can be downloaded from the market)
    - Market (Vending.apk and Vending.odex, android market)
    ! Market Updater (MarketUpdater.apk and MarketUpdater.odex, Updates market)
    + Media hub (MediaHub.apk)
    + Memo (Memo.apk and Memo.odex)
    ! Mediastorage (MediaProvider.apk and MediaProvider.odex, Needed to access any media including ringtones)
    - Messaging (Mms.apk and Mms.odex, SMS/MMS app)
    - MmsProvisioning (MmsProvisioning.apk and MmsProvisioning.odex, Sets up - SMS/MMS services)
    + MTP Application (MtpApplication.apk and MtpApplication.odex needed to connect to Kies)
    ! My uploads (MediaUploader.apk and MediaUploader.odex, Unknown remote media upload ?)
    + Mini diary (MiniDiary.apk and MiniDiary.odex)
    + Mini paper (PostIt.apk and PostIt.odex)
    - Minimal Home (MinimalHome.apk and MinimalHome.odex. function unknown, reports that it can be removed)
    + More for Me (tmobile_m4m_3_0_15.signed.apk)
    ! Motions settings (MotionsSettings.apk and MotionsSettings.odex, unknown function)
    + My account (MyAccount-5.4.16.apk and sihome-signed-tmo-android-8.apk)
    + Music (MusicPlayer.apk and MusicPlayer.odex, Stock music app)
    ! NetworkLocation (NetworkLocation.apk and NetworkLocation.odex, provides cell location services)
    + News and Weather widget (GenieWidget.apk and GenieWidget.odex)
    ! OMACP (wssomacp.apk and wssomacp.odex, Carrier sms system configuration)
    ! Package access helper (DefaultContainerService.apk and DefaultContainerService.odex, needed for application installer)
    ! Package Installer (PackageInstaller.apk and PackageInstaller.odex, needed to install non market apps)
    ! Perso (Personalization.apk and Personalization.odex function unknown)
    - PhoneUtil (Phone_Util.apk and Phone_Util.odex, part of the phone, secret setting menus for phone, can be removed ?)
    + Pico TTS (PicoTts.apk and PicoTts.odex, safe to remove but breaks text to speech from google nav ?)
    + Polaris Office (PolarisOffice.apk)
    + Program monitor (SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.apk and SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.odex, Samsung program monitor widget. Is not needed without TW Launcher ?)
    ! QuickView (QuickView.apk and QuickView.odex unknown, removal reported to cause problems)
    - Samsung keypad (AxT9IME.apk and AxT9IME.odex. Samsung keyboard. If you remove this, add another keyboard into /system/app but a lot of keyboards will forceclose if moved there. Swype reported to be ok)
    - Samsung TTS (SMTEngine.apk Samsung text to speak engine, removal may cause problems)
    ! Security Storage (SecurityProvider.apk and SecurityProvider.odex unknown)
    - Serial number read/write (SerialNumberLabelIndicator.apk and SerialNumberLabelIndicator.odex function unknown, apparently reports to have been removed by some people)
    ! Settings (Settings.apk and Settings.odex, phone settings menu)
    ! Settings Storage (SettingsProvider.apk and SettingsProvider.odex, sync settings)
    ! Service mode (serviceModeApp.apk and serviceModeApp.odex, unknown)
    - Setup Wizard (SetupWizard.apk and SetupWizard.odex, phone setup that shows up on first boot, can be removed after first boot)
    + Share App (ShareApp.apk and ShareApp.odex, Share Applications to social Media. Is not needed without TW Launcher)
    + ShutdownApp (shutdown.apk and shutdown.odex, scary name but does not seem to do anything)
    + Sim toolkit (Stk.apk and Stk.odex, Sim tool kit)
    + Slacker (slackerradio_3.0.522.apk)
    + SNS (SnsProvider.apk and SnsProvider.odex)
    + SnsAccountFb (SnsAccountFb.apk and SnsAccountFb.odex)
    + SnsAccountLi (SnsAccountLi.apk and SnsAccountLi.odex)
    + SnsAccountTw (SnsAccountTw.apk and SnsAccountTw.odex)
    + Sns disclaimer (SnsDisclaimer.apk and SnsDisclaimer.odex)
    + SnsImageCache (SnsImageCache.apk and SnsImageCache.odex)
    + Social hub (SocialHub.apk and SocialHub.odex)
    + Sound Player (SoundPlayer.apk and SoundPlayer.odex, Sound player app)
    + Speech Recorder (SpeechRecorder.apk and SpeechRecorder.odex, Used to record sound snippets for tuning voice commands
    ! Status Bar (SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex, android UI)
    - Street View (Street.apk and Street.odex, Google street view, can be downloaded from market)
    - Superuser (Superuser.apk, comes after the root process, needed for root access)
    + Swype (Swype.apk and Swype.odex, Swype keyboard)
    + System Manager Application (IQ-tmobile-release-signed-zipaligned-v1.1.apk , remove the possibility to get firmware info by dialing *#1234# ?)
    ! Talk (Talk2.apk and Talk2.odex removal will cause unexplained crashes, also may be needed for the market and google cloud to device push messages)
    ! talkback (talkback.apk Seems to cause FC's when frozen on SGII, Reported ok on the exhibit II ?)
    + T-Mobile Mall (MallLite-4.0.95.apk)
    - T-Mobile Name ID (ECID-release.apk will force close on multiple calls when removed on other samsung devices. Reported not to apply on the exhibit 2)
    + T-Mobile TV HD (com.mobitv.client.tmobiletvhd.apk)
    + Task (Tasks.apk and Tasks.odex tasks app that doesn't sync with google tasks ? needed with email for exchange syncing to work ?)
    - Task manager (JobManager.apk and JobManager.odex, Task manager, If removed you will lose the task manager from long pressing the home button)
    ! Tasks Provider (TasksProvider.apk and TasksProvider.odex)
    + Telenav GPS Navigator (Telenav.apk)
    + Terminal emulator (Term.apk and Term.odex, terminal emulator)
    + TetheringManager (TetheringManager2.apk. Needed if you use T-mobile tethering plan)
    + Tetris (Tetris.apk)
    - TTS Service (TtsService.apk and TtsService.odex, Stock text to speech service used by google applications like navigation)
    - TwLauncher (TouchWiz30Launcher.apk and TouchWiz30Launcher.odex, if you remove this, you need to put another launcher in /systerm/app or you will have a boot loop if there's a reset ?)
    + TwWallpaperChooser (TwWallpaperChooser.apk and TwWallpaperChooser.odex, used to choose the wallpaper for touchwiz)
    - User Dictionary (UserDictionaryProvider.apk and UserDictionaryProvider.odex, some third party keyboards are using this, including the android keyboard)
    + Video Chat (qik.apk)
    + Videos (VideoPlayer.apk and VideoPlayer.odex, Stock video player. I followed the advice of VanillaTbone on XDA forum and got MX video player instead, looks like there's no problem)
    + Visual Voicemail (vvm-signed.apk)
    + Voice Recorder (VoiceRecorder.apk and VoiceRecorder.odex voice recorder app)
    - Voice Search (VoiceSearch.apk and VoiceSearch.odex, Voice search, can be installed from market)
    + Vpn Services (VpnServices.apk and VpnServices.odex, used to connet to VPN)
    - Web (Browser.apk and Browser.odex . Reported to remove voice search functionality. Removal may cause FC's in some ROM/CSC combo's)
    - WlanTest (WlanTest.apk and WlanTest.odex, wifi test ? Seems safe but not everyone agrees)
    + Wi-Fi Calling (WiFi-Calling.apk)
    + Wipeoutreceiver (wipereceiver.apk and wipereceiver.odex, remote wipe)
    + Yelp (Yelp.2.7.4.tmobile.apk)
    + YouTube (YouTube.apk and YouTube.odex, Youtube app, can be installed from market
    + Zinio Reader (ZinioReader.v1.01.3420.Regular.apk and ZinioSettingsProvider.v2.03.3331.TMobile.Smartphon e.apk)
    + wssyncmlnps (wssyncmlnps.apk and wssyncmlnps.odex. Remove possibility to open Menu > Settings> Software update ? Important for sync with KIES/Samsung Desktop Software ?)

    Unroot the phone and go back to factory reset:
    Apparently people bricked there phone trying to launch factory reset without unrooting first. I cannot confirm the following procedure works (found on xda forum), I did not do it !
    1) Uninstall terminal (with titanium backup ?)
    2) remove /system/app/superuser.apk (using ES file explorer if the root mode has been activated or root explorer for example)
    (2'. Remove titanium backup if you have it ?)
    3. settings> privacy> factory data reset (this will erase everything ! You need a good reason to do this !)

    Alternative procedure (tested successfully by R0VeRT on XDA forum. Do not use both methods !)

    Other untested (as far as I know) methods, there is also unroot ginger, root uninstall and probably other apps on the market (read the reviews ! try to google the app name before trying...)
  3. FulciLives

    FulciLives Well-Known Member

    I used the batch file and it worked. I originally found the solution on the XDA Developers website but I'm glad the info is here now.

    Another note about rooting:

    There is a huge thread over there (XDA Developers) about this phone and I noticed someone said that SU Binary wasn't updating properly.

    The solution was to install an app from the Android Market called "BusyBox Installer" and when you open the app you have to change the install option to "bin" (the default is "xbin") and then click "install" (you do this from within the app after you install it).

    After that SU Binary will update properly.
  4. irateiguana

    irateiguana Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks! Forgot about that :p. Added it to the main post!
  5. sanjosanjo

    sanjosanjo Lurker

    I can't find anything about this phone at XDA - could you provide me with a link?

  6. Mitchell99

    Mitchell99 Newbie

  7. olc

    olc Newbie

    I am apparently more of a noob than anyone and this is my first smartphone. I followed the instructions to root my Exhibit II exactly and I think it worked. Root Checker says that the one has root access. Superuser app is there but no Terminal.

    I don't know what to do next. My goal is to get rid of the T-Mobile bloatware and free up the memory that it uses. I'd also like to use the phone as a hotspot for may tablet without having to pay T-Mobile additional money.

    When I go to manage apps, the items on the xdadevelopers list don't show uninstall as an option. They still show launch by default.

    Does anyone have the patience to give me a step by step on how to do what I want without killing the phone? Any help appreciated.
  8. Mitchell99

    Mitchell99 Newbie

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  9. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    You should not need terminal if you use titanium backup. Terminal is great to use linux commands (if you get busybox or busybox installer) to play with the phone. If you need it, you can just download it from the market (I would not be surprised there are better terminals available).
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  10. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    Do you leave usb debugging enabled after?
  11. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    I do but it's because I play with the adb command regularly.
  12. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    Is there anything bad about leaving it on?
  13. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    I didn't notice any specific problems. Maybe there are, but my phone is working perfectly well.

    The main problem I can see is if you plug your phone to the computer and run a script which wipes something in the phone. I try to unplug the phone when I'm making tests with shell scripts which interact with the phone. Maybe there are other problems I can't think about.
  14. jntdroid

    jntdroid Android Enthusiast

    don't certain apps, like Titanium Backup, require usb debugging to stay enabled?
  15. ravennevar

    ravennevar Lurker

    I rooted my Exhibit II 4G a few days ago and I'm in the process of freezing applications with Titanium Backup as a first step toward deleting them in the future. The list above by Nilpotent has Device Manager, My Account, and System Manager Application as applications that can be safely frozen or deleted. When checking my applications using Titanium Backup, I see the following: Device management v9.4.1, My Account 5.4.16, My Account, and System Manager Application 1.1. Are these the ones Nilpotent's post is referring to? Also, why are there two My Account applications and can someone please explain what each of them does, as well as the System Manager Application? Thanks!
  16. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    Ok, all went great, I'm finally rooted! Had a little scare, after the phone was rooted, my usb storage was non existent and my sd card would not mount. I restarted the phone and everything is working great now. Thanks a lot!
  17. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    I noticed someone over vat the xda forums used rom toolbox to change up some of there icons on their notification bar. I was just wondering how much of that app would actually be useful now since we're kind of limited at the moment.

    Here's the link to the app in the Android Market.
  18. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    @Nilpotent, you say "[FONT=&quot]Apparently you may be in trouble if you do not disable sync of T-Mobile Backup in settings>Accounts and sync"[/FONT], is this T-Mobile Contacts backup? That's the only T-Mobile backup in my accounts and sync section. Lol, and when I click delete account, it says "Deleting this account will delete all its messages. contacts, and other data from phone. Delete?" Does this mean it will delete only the backed up contacts and what not, or ALL the contacts and data?

    Also one more question for whoever. Titanium backup isn't showing apps like Web and there were a couple more that I can't remember now, to be able to freeze them or anything. Is there anything I can do to make them show or any way around this?I use Dolphin mini so I don't need the stop web on there anymore.
  19. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    I think I disabled the syncronization, not deleted it, but I had google contacts and facebook on the list, too. After disabling it, and freezing the app, it was not anymore in the sync list. My understanding is that people who froze it before disabling the sync got error messages each time they were sending an SMS without a 3rd party app because the system would try and fail (because it's frozen) to sync the app.

    I have made more progress on a relativeley extensive list of apps safe to freeze and what is the exact effect. That should list the real name of apps in titanium backup (it is not always 100% clear when you just look at the list !). As the list is extensive it is somewhat less safe. I will try to post (today ? Not promising anything)
  20. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    Just found out my reviews on Android Market won't go through anymore. Any idea which app being frozen would cause this?
  21. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    Ok, big update of the removable app list, BE CAREFUL as most of the apps (all ?) are listed now ! As usual, do at your own risks !

    Titanium backup is showing most of the apps (careful sometime the name is weird like [Browser] Web for web), for the other ones the only option I see is to remove/mv them using adb shell or the terminal (rm or mv command).

    If my new list is accurate, I would recommend to unfreeze talk.

    @surgerush: question: did you move golauncher to system/app or is that working well with the default install (on my list I wrote to move the new launcher on system/app but a lot of people just say to have another launcher, without saying to move it to system/app so maybe it works well that way)
  22. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    Ok, found web, it was in green and that's what threw me, I was looking at the red only pretty much.

    I'm going to try unfreezing talk and I'll update with my findings.

    I did not move golauncher at all, it was simply the default install and I made it my default launcher.

    Edit: Defrosting talk did not fix my problem with adding reviews to the market. It shows a pop up saying the review was added, but the review is not being added.

    Also after reading what you wrote about web being frozen, I'm not going to touch it, rather be safe than sorry.

    Edit: just wanted to note that I had talk and talkback frozen for about a day with no problems. I did defrost them, again rather be safe than sorry.
    Also I froze samsung Keypad as well as swype, I have swiftkey installed, just default install, no problems here.

    I also have samsung TTS frozen with no problems, just made pico my default, I will be defrosting until I find out what problems you say it might cause.

    Also can you elaborate on the t-mobile name id removal problem please?

    Edit: First sorry for all the edits, I figured I might as well just keep editing while I'm the last poster instead of making a bunch of new posts.

    I don't know if this is relevant at all, but my ram usage is showing up different on the different apps.
    example: GoLauncher is currently showing my available ram at 91mb.
    The built in Task Manager is showing it at 68mb available.
    Settings>Applications>Running Services is showing 110mb free.

    What's the deal with that?
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  23. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    Thanks for the feedback ! I missed your edits, LOL.

    Can't give you more details at the moment and I've got a busy week. Will try to provide more information ASAP ! (as usual, today if I can but can't promise...)
  24. Nilpotent

    Nilpotent Newbie

    Ok, once again, I really appreciate the feedback. The device is relatively new so we can get only indirect information on the internet. If we can gather what we individually experiment we should get something solid soon. I will not touch the list for a few day, hopping to get more feedback and change it with your comments ("has been safely frozen for a day").

    Ok, I note to post a review on the market sometime this week. I'll post some feedback (before the week-end ?) if you didn't solve the problem before that.

    This is a mystery to me. A lot of sources on samsung devices suggest we should be careful but I can't find any details


    Stock System App Removal list [Archive] - xda-developers

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM] XWKE7 1.2 by AngeloM: The BEST in quadrant!

    Apparently, on the galaxy S2, if you get multiple calls, you will have problem to get all of them without this.

    Force Close while on multiple calls (com.android.phone) - xda-developers

    Same for me. I was bothered at first but after all I don't care. I want the phone to run smoothly, if it runs well with one app saying 100 and the other 50 it would be fine (the phone is great IMHO but I'd like it to be even better faster !).
  25. surgerush

    surgerush Android Enthusiast

    No, seriously, thank you. I was pretty nervous about rooting and screwing around with my phone, I did all the research I could because I didn't want to end up with a paperweight. Your posts have helped me a lot. I'm doing what I can to help in any way. I'm new to this, so I want to try out some new roms, would love to get ICS on here, and really want to try overclocking and see what we can get this thing to do. So I'll do whatever I can to help, I will update with anything I think might possibly be relevant in getting this to go as smooth as possible.

    I'm working on it, I've tried defrosting quite a bit and trying, still haven't had any luck, I'm pretty confused right now, but I think I might try defrosting in bigger clumps and see if I can get anywhere like that.

    Ok, I see... Maybe I'll freeze Samsung TTS and see how things go, might be able to clear up if it's safe or not with this phone. Probably wait a bit before I do so, just to see if any information pops up beforehand.

    Ok, I might have to test out the T-Mobile talk ID force close as well. I might try to do this later and I'll update with my findings.

    No, I don't really care either, was just simply curious. I am very happy with my phone now, I mean it runs smoother than ever, the battery life is awesome now, but anything we can do to make things even smoother and faster would be amazing.

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