Help how to save contacts to pc

i am new user to android os and am now using a xperia i want to have a backup of all my contacts on my pc.,which i regularly did with my old nokia phone via pc suite,i tried sony ericson sync but i found it i have to change this phone for some other phone how can transfer all contacts to the other help


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Try downloading this programme, it's pretty good at getting your phone stuff on to your PC.

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Don't know what Nokia PC Suite is like, but this one is like the old style SE PC Suite... just better and totally outshines PC Companion.

You can also choose to sync all your contacts with Google and they will be stored on your Gmail account on line, so then you have them in a few places.
Yea you really don't need to save your contacts on your computer I mean they are already sync with your gmail account. But really you could go to gmail and export as a CSV file throw it somewhere on your computer. And then they would be saved on your computer.