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How to save MMS pic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mbell75, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. mbell75

    Thread Starter

    Has anyone figured out how? I am using Handcent and I just get the pic show up as a slideshow and it cant be saved.

  2. jwill182

    jwill182 Newbie

    when you open the message and it shows the pic in the slide show, tap the picture and it gives you three options at the bottom of the page... just touch the bottom right icon and it goes to another screen where you check the box of the file you wish to save and it saves that pic to your sd card

    let me know if that isnt explained enough
  3. scudder

    scudder Android Expert

    I had an issue...happens occasionally but haven't figured out how to replicate it...where I'll receive an MMS in Chomp (just like Handcent) with the little " > " slideshow icon. I KNOW how to get to the option of saving the picture but I just want to ViEW the picture WITHOUT saving. When I click on the " > " the screen flashes for a SPLIT-SECOND to shot the picture and then RIGHT BACK to the MMS message.

    Is there any way to simply VIEW the picture...as you can do when there is NOT the slideshow option...rather than having to DOWNLOAD the picture first??

    Sorry if my "split-second" description is confusing...ESPECIALLY if it is not happening on your phone...but that is the quirky/weird issue I am experiencing. I know how to download or do other functions...but when I get that slideshow " > " in my MMS, I cannot simply VIEW the picture.

    BTW, any clue WHY I would be receiving an MMS picture in the slideshow mode occasionally while MOST of the time just simply receiving a picture that I can click and view without these slideshow issues??


  4. DaDoc04

    DaDoc04 Guest

    worked perfect.....

    u can also tap and hold right above the slideshow.... a menu pops up ... the 2nd option is "save picture"

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