How to save the encoded video steam from encoder and add custom composer engine?


Dec 5, 2009
I have tow questions.

First, I want to save the encoded video stream from the encoder,
And then, the encoder recieves the uncompressed video stream from camera.
How can my application recieve the compressed stream from the encoder?

Second, I'd like to add the custom composer engine to media framework(opencore),
And then I'll use the already-launched device, HTC Hero and Motrola Droid, etc.
The custom composer engine will recieve the video stream from the encoder.
And, save the stream using the custom file format.
Is it possible add the custome engine using the already-lauched device?
If it is posselbe, where can I find the references?

Any answer will be the great help to me.
Say what?

"encoded video stream" from WHAT encoder?

WHAT "custom composer engine"?

WHAT "application"?

WHAT "already launched device"?
The encoder is any video encoder that the Media Framework(OpenCore) includes.

The custom composer engine will be added by myself,
And the composer engine means the file format writer(mpeg4 file writer, avi file writer).
I'll use the file format designed by myself.

The applicaiton is the test android application that recives the compressed video stream, and save the stream using the my file format.

the already-launced device means the device that is the selling device.
For example, HTC Hero and Motorola Droid, etc.