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How to SAVE Youtube videos to phone?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Buckeye Boy, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Buckeye Boy

    Buckeye Boy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    How do i save my favorite videos? if i hit "more" in the top right corner, it says favorite. if i press that it says this action is not allowed. if i press save to, it says no playlists found? how do i save my favorite videos?:thinking:

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  2. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member

  3. rich6661

    rich6661 Member

    I use Tube Mate in the Android Market
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    On a standalone computer load Chrome, find a YouTube video you like and download. Then with AVS Converter software convert to Device=Android/ (mp4). Or use the free Handbrake and convert using Legacy settings. Plug in your Droid and drag your favorite converted YouTube videos from your computer to the Droids Video Folder. Unplug USB cable and look in Droid's "Gallery" and play. :^))
  5. Marsval

    Marsval Lurker

    There's a great trick that is to add the letters dl to the url of the video straight on youtube (youtube must be opened on the navigator and not on the app). The dl must go after the www. and before the name youtube (if you have the m. on the url delete it)
    Pressing enter you get redirected to the downloader =)
  6. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    OG Downloader from XDA... Works like a charm.
  7. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Find a site that offers legitimate downloads?

    The reason YT doesn't allow saving for offline viewing is simple - it's in the service's T&C. Unless expressly permitted by the content owner, all YouTube content is supplied for online viewing (streaming) only. Doing otherwise is a breach of the owner's copyright and, like music piracy, not something that AF is willing to condone.

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