Apr 17, 2012
Hi, Iam knew to android and to this forum,so excuse me in advance if the question is stupid.
I recently tried to upload a file in a dialoque box of a web page, but the choices I had were only for pictures and videos.
How can I choose from the directory listing in my samsung galaxy tab?
Thanks in advance.
I was looking for a job in UK when I came across the site cwjobs.co.uk
The link that follows is a random job.

Senior Oracle Consultant OBIEE - CWJobs.co.uk

Press apply for the job and in the next screen where it says upload CV, try to upload a document from a chosen directory, all I get is Camera, Camcorder, Sound, Recorder, Gallery. I imagined that the directory list should open so that I choose the file from any directory.

Again I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 7510 with Honeycomb 3.2
Ah okay, I was able to duplicate what you describe. I have a slightly different selection due to installed apps, but it works if you select your app that handles .doc files, and then select the file. From your description, it sounds like you don't have such an app installed? One thing though... the website doesn't recognize. docx files, so you have to use the older. doc format. HTH!
What kind of app do you use, shouldnt the browser or the OS support the action of selecting what ever file from what ever directory, regardless of the file type.