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How to send all incoming calls to voicemail EXCEPT contacts

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by IncomingCallsToVM, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. IncomingCallsToVM

    Thread Starter

    I've searched far and wide, but everything out there just tells you how to set the settings to send a contact to voicemail automatically. That's great and everything, but I get a lot of spam calls from new numbers and I want to send all incoming calls to voicemail unless they are someone that is in my contacts.

    In other words, right now when I go to sleep I have to put my phone on vibrate or I get woken up by spam calls. But I WANT to get woken up if it's my girlfriend, daughter, mom, boss, et cetera.

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  2. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    What phone?

    On my Samsung Note 4, I just went to Settings/Applications/Call/auto reject

    there are 4 items there you can set up.

    One of them is: Auto Reject List/Unknown Number "Checkbox"

    put a check in that and they are gone.

    there are apps that can do what you say, but the phone is going to ring anyway and wake you up.'

    Under "Call settings" is "Call Forwarding" which is an all or none thing.

    You can get to most of those settings and even more:
    Contacts/Settings and a big menu opens up.

    on Play store, there are a large number of apps to experiment with.

    https://play.google.com/store/search?q=call forward app
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