Root How to send/receive SMS?


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Sorry if this has been covered somewhere, but how do I go about text messaging on the NC since it doesn't connect to mobile networks, only wifi? Surely it can be done, right? Through an IM program of some sort?

Just got it yesterday, running CM7, and absolutely loving it - just hoping to fill in this one hole in functionality.


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Trillian should work as it connects to all IM programs (AOL, IM, etc).

That's what I use... but for straight SMS.... I don't think so...



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I installed GV on my phone first and set it up. Then backed it up and restored the data on the Nook. It works very well. The only hiccup was other people wondering who was texting them.
the instructions I've read say to press the menu button when in your inbox and select compose, but I do not have a compose option to elect when I do this, I too registered it on my phone, but same there, no compose.