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How to separate Phone's and Gmail's contacts?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Oxxy, May 10, 2017.

  1. Oxxy

    Oxxy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi. I have Huawei P9, android 7.0. I have 2 issues that are related to each other.

    1. Like a week ago I noticed that my Gmail app is not auto suggesting the normal email addresses anymore. Instead it suggests some weird, old email addresses. A lot of often used emails were not displayed. It wasn't a problem using Gmail from web though, only from Gmail app. I noticed that once I entered email address in my Phone's contacts, that address also appeared in Gmail app suggesting that email in "To:"
    After reading lots of Forums I fixed it by Clearing data and Cache from Gmail app, also renewing the Sync.
    So now my Gmail app is auto suggesting me my normal email addresses.

    But after this, my 2nd problem appeared:

    2. Now among my Phone contact I do have ALL Gmail contacts, also those without names and/or phone numbers. In my Phone contacts I want to see ONLY contacts with phone numbers. I copied all contacts from Gmail to Phone and in Contacts selected to display only Phone contacts. So, I thought here I can delete the ones that I do not want to see. BUT... once I delete email from Phone contacts, it is automatically deleted from Gmail/Google and my Gmail is again not displaying and suggesting this email anymore to me.
    How can I separate Phone contacts (the ones that I want to see, let's say only with phone numbers) from ALL Gmail contacts (I do not want to see contacts without phone numbers)? But I still want to have an option to back-up/sync my Phone contacts to Google account, in case I lose my phone...

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  2. When you save contact on your phone then you will get two options – first, saves on phone memory and other one saves on Google's contact. Now, it depends on you where you want.

    Let’s come your point, go to contact’s setting, and you will find the Show Contact options and through this option, you separate tour contact list.
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  3. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
    VIP Member

    On my HTC 10 it's People and I can go to Manage contacts to separate contacts by phone numbers.
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  4. Oxxy

    Oxxy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for you reaction. But that is exactly my point. I know that I can separate by choosing what contacts I want to display. And in my case even if I choose to display just Phone contacts and want to manage them, let's say delete the ones that I do not need on my phone or the ones without phone number, it is immediately deleted also from my Google contacts. So, if I delete a certain contact without name, just email address, this email address also disappears from my Google/gmail account.
    So that is my issue.
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  5. RrTT

    RrTT Newbie

    this reply is kind of along the same line as the last guy's question, but with a twist... i very rarely use gmail ~ only a handful of contacts.
    on the other hand, i have a million contacts with a very specific format in my s6 contacts app. how do i stop Google from making ANY changes whatsoever to my contacts?
    i've made the mistake of syncing, and it has been a living nightmare ever since. i even took phone to t mobile store to make sure i had settings correct... em was the only thing i wanted synced; contacts, address book ~ ANY check boxes related to individual people, were NOT marked sync...
    i have all of one person's info in one entry, with each number labeled 'home', 'work', etc... makes sense...
    but once google has had it's way with my phone, all of that information has been split up willy-nilly ... sometimes it assigns info to the sim card, sometimes it's found under my current gmail address, sometimes it's found under my old gmail address, that i don't even use anymore. (which brings up a whole different problem. because old gmail address is what is linked to allll of my Google Playstore apps, i can't delete old address fr device without having to re-purchase apps ~ yes, i've talked to google playstore abt this very thing).
    and to make matters worse, if one person has let's say has 4 different contact numbers, when i pull up my contacts list (for telephone & texting purposes), i now have 4 separate 'Jane Doe' entries i need to sift through to find what i'm really needing.
    last, but certainly not least, i have found numbers being synced into the wrong account. for instance Hair Lady phone number is now showing under Happy Dry Cleaning, and Hair Lady info is empty.  i couldn't make this stuff up even if i tried.
    i know this is long, but i've tried asking for help with this before, and i can never seem to get people to understand what i'm asking.  i'm sooo frustrated, i can't even begin to explain!

  6. LondonBernie

    LondonBernie Lurker

    This is a Nightmare. Everyone is asking the same question, nobody is answering correctly. Let me ask/explain the issue in a different way.

    We all know how to find and edit Google contacts (Please do not explain that again). However 1. How can you view ONLY your phone contacts on Google? 2. Or is it best to edit phone contacts on your mobile first and then Sync? 3. Say you clean your phone contacts on your mobile, what is to stop google adding back on your phone all the phone contacts on your Google account, as it normally does, creating loads of duplicates? 4. Some talk of turning off syncing, however, what if you want to clean and sort your Google phone records, and then turn to sync back on?
  7. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    If you want to clean up contacts on the phone don't delete too many in too short a time. That's what results in the sync restoring them.

    I believe that the reasoning is that if you delete one contact Google assumes it was deliberate and the sync will remove it from the GMail contacts as well (though there is a way of recovering at least for a few weeks should you do this by mistake). Conversely if you delete them all at once it assumes something happened to your phone or you had to reset, and so rather than delete the backup as well it restores them to the phone. And somewhere in between is the point where it changes from one behaviour to the other (I don't remember how many in how short an interval, since it's a few years since I encountered this behaviour).

    So if you want to do a major cleanup I think it's probably best to clean up the GMail copy (via a browser) and then let the changes sync with the phone.

    Editing and merging contacts don't have this, it's just deletions where at some point it decides that something must have gone wrong and restores from the backup.
  8. LondonBernie

    LondonBernie Lurker

    Thanks, guys for your replies. Here is what I discovered, the phone lists 'Accounts' under 'Contacts', there you will see a list of 'Gmail' 'WhatsApp' 'Line' etc. Each one has further controls, to 'sync contacts' for example. Android is owned by Google anyway, so by default, all phone contacts are backed up to Google. So step 1. I turn off 'Sync Contacts' on the phone, and work on ALL my contacts online. When I have done a batch of these, say A to L (Cleaning them up, merging with duplicates, deleting unknown or bad emails), then I switch ON 'Sync Contacts' on the mobile. I ran a few tests and Bingo those contacts were all updated as I wanted on the mobile, old numbers I wanted and did delete on google were also deleted on the phone. I am still working on Google contacts, and also I noticed 'Other Contacts' on Google (I think that's where Google adds Messenger type contacts) These contacts are there, however NOT added to your Google Contacts. So next I am working on them, and 'Adding to Contacts'. I am enjoying all this, it's so liberating, to have both a clean organized email list and a clean organized phone number list.
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  9. palooka

    palooka Lurker

    Current phone is a moto E4, which has the option to choose "contacts to display" by gmail accounts, which helps a little, as I have a couple of gmail accounts (although my phone has only heard of 2).
    I just got a Samsung A8, which doesn't have the option.
    I just looked at contacts online, but the thought of going through about 130 'contacts' still doesn't help me trim the list to contacts with phone numbers, or get this list into my phone. :thinking:o_O
    The problem in my estimation is that I hardly ever use my phone for email, and if I do want to, I just use the email addresses from within the gmail app. I just want contacts with phone numbers on my phone. Starting a few phones ago, I have been managing my own contacts list and diligently exporting (and importing) and backing it up and making sure not to sync contacts ever.
    If anyone has heard of a more elegant solution since 2018, I would love to hear it.
  10. sullencab

    sullencab Well-Known Member

    There are phones where there's really an option for this. They ask you this option when setting the phone up.
  11. palooka

    palooka Lurker

    Great, thanks!


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