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How to set handcent as the default for sending SMS

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by homemadehitshow, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    I notice that when I use a direct shortcut to text message friends it using the default Messaging app. All my receives, notifications etc. are coming through Handcent.

    Can I make Handcent the default for sending ?

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  2. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    Never mind, I had accidentally set the default to Google Voice which defaults to std messaging. Clearing GV defaults worked.
  3. gizbug

    gizbug Well-Known Member

    How you do this? I dont see that option
  4. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    I'm not completely clear what you are asking.

    The first time you send a text message from a contact (not from within the messaging app), it asks you what you want to use Messaging, Handcent or Google Voice (assuming you have GV and HC installed). You can choose which one you want and optionally set it as the default. I think I accidentally set GV as the default so it was sending all my text messages from GV.
  5. summerstar

    summerstar Lurker

    Hey, sorry to bring up such an old thread, but this describes my problem perfectly.

    I had a direct messaging contact shortcut. When I clicked it, it asked me what service I wanted to use (Handcent, Messaging, or Google Voice.) In the same box it asked if I wanted to always use that service.

    So I clicked Messaging but I accidentally clicked "always use that service."

    I've been looking around but I can't find a way to undo it.

    Any ideas of where I can go do undo that choice?

  6. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    Usually from the homescreen its menu-settings-applications-manage-all or running-find the stock messaging app and the tap clear default.
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  7. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    From your home screen select menu> settings> applications> manage applications. Find the messaging app and clear launch by default. (You might want to go into each messaging app and clear those too.)
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  8. summerstar

    summerstar Lurker

    Thanks! This worked great!
  9. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    And keep in mind that clear defaults applies to all types of apps, not just messaging.

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