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How to set screen time temporarily without an app?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by OM2, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. OM2

    OM2 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I want to set my screen out time to be 30 minutes say.
    But I only want this temporarily.
    Is there a way (quick and easy) to do this through settings?
    The current 2 phones I am using both have Android 10.
    (Or 1 might have Android 9 with MIUI 12)

    Else... if I must have an app... can someone recommend something very light weight that does the job.
    I don't need a 50MB app for the job that also needs access to my contacts or something!


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  2. AshS23

    AshS23 Newbie

    There are some manufacturers have an inbuilt app that takes care of that. For example, Oneplus has zen mode. Could you check if your phone have any similar modes? otherwise you will have to download an app for it.
  3. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Your device may be a bit different...


    Here you select the screen time on before it 'sleeps'.

    If you just want it to stay on while charging (it will dim after the 'sleep' timer, but stay on) then...

    Developers options
    Stay awake
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  4. Waco Baylor

    Waco Baylor Lurker

    The app SetEdit would work perfect . It has many features you need to trigger updates as well. Accidentally found it . Screenshot_20200906-033022.png Screenshot_20200906-033230.png No need for root or anything. Good luck!
  5. Roboy

    Roboy Newbie

    What devices do you have?

    Are they both tied to the same Google account?

    What is the purpose of temporary time outs?

    As AshS23 eluded to some devices have stuff like this built in but it is impossible for us to tell you what it would be called on your device without knowing what your device is. Samsung has Bixby for instance and the one that AshS23 mentioned. These are usually called assistants but you probably won't find it on the device under that name.

    I asked about the shared Google account because I have a recommendation but it is an inexpensive paid app if your device doesn't have an assistant. Tasker is an automated app that you can find at the Play Store that automates actions on Android devices using logic statements. For instance if this temporary timeout is a daily event or a Wednesday event that happens at the same time a profile might look like, Wednesday at 19:00 change screen timeout to 10 minutes. Wednesday at 20:00 change screen timeout to 3 minutes. It can also do things by location, opening an app, date, incoming call, SMS and probably a few that I've forgotten. It's very versatile and can do so many things. Which brings me to my next thing. There are other free automation apps at the Play Store, I don't know those apps so I can't recommend one but many have the same capabilities. Tasker has a forum at Android Central and a Tasker wiki page online where you can turn to for help, I don't think the others do.

    Perhaps if we knew more about why you wanted to change your screen timeout we could recommend other things. Why and perhaps the circumstances around the change. For instance if you are just trying to keep it awake longer for a class there might be a better way, easier way, so on and so on.

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