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How to show mount ext2 formatted SD card partitions in android file manager?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kumaranil13k, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
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    How to show configure mount ext2 ext4 formatted SD card partitions in android file manager?

    As fat32 fiile system don't support files more than 4 gb I have to take backup before after rooting for safety backup of system boot userdata through twrp or DD if command which saves files in sd card and the files of twrp images of userdata mmcblk0 is more than 8GB-15GB and it requires to format sd card to ext2. As in adb shell or fastboot we can write on ext2 formatted partion is micro sd card

    But ext2 ext4 file system ( I formatted partitioned with mini partition tool) is not readable in windows PC and when I inserted booted android 6.0 and open the android self file manager or xplore or.solid explorer or settings storage without rooting it shows only reads the first partition of fat32 but it don't shows the second partition there and.even in settings storage as it's not mounting reading the ext2 ext4 partition and mounting it. Firstly I have to read the sd card and copy the images file on pc which is unreadablle unmountable in android and windows both

    I know we can do adb pull command and copy it to pc directly but I want to change file system of external sd card to ext2 or ext4 so that if I download big videos or create any big size files more than 4gb then it can save it fastly and secure in ext2 or ext4 file system

    My queries :-

    Q1. Can we use configure SD card second partition ext2 or ext4 formatted for moving apps as it move default to first partition through SM or PM commands can second app be used only in link2sd can't we manualy through adb shell configure it or format first or second partition as internal memory

    Q2. So my question is how through any app or adb shell command I can mount or make sd card second partition ext2 or ext4 file system mountable readable in my android 6.0 mobile phone. Any way to edit FUSE bind in boot.init without rooting or any other way apps to make it readable.kindly guide steps as I am novice new to android adb and programming commands

    Thanks for your precious time advice opinion suggestion and sharing knowledge.

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Your Android device includes support for ext4 for internal storage, and FAT32 or exFAT for external storage (portable) or ext4 (formatted as internal).
    Your Windows PC supports NTFS or FAT (all variants) but not ext. Well at least as is, you can install third-party utilities to add support for ext media, but there are caveats so just be cognizant of this when it comes to file transfers and such:
    There's an overriding issue where all FAT variants are proprietary with licensing restrictions. Microsoft a) only allows limited access to other platforms to use FAT so other operating systems can include some but not all support for FAT formatted media, b) will not include integrated support for other file systems in Windows itself (i.e. ext of HFS) so it's up to the user to add it if they choose to, and c) Microsoft stopped supporting FAT years ago so its capabilities with today's technology is limited with numerous drawbacks (file and folder permission issues, metadata issues, file size and capacity issues, etc.)
    The bottom line is FAT was a crappy file system in its day (Win98) and only gets more problematic as time goes on and technology continues to move forward.

    Either try adding third-party support for ext media to your Win PC, or try formatting your microSD card as exFAT:
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  3. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @svim bro thank you a lot grateful for you for replying thanks a lot for sharing you knowledge and your precious time advice.and.oponion very useful for me

    @svim bro yes you are absolutely right about fat mtfs and ext2 ext 4 acutally my question mentioned for copying files from ext2 to windows and android but I mentioned I want to ekeep my file system of external memory card partitions as ext2 or ext4 and I want android gui is setting> storage to mount detect read externeral sd card formatted and partitioned as ext2 and ext4 and so I can read and xplore copy move files from ext4 ext3 partitioned formmateed card to usb within andoid

    @savim bro I wnat solution for android 6.0 by mounting sd card on it
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  4. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    The most practical solution is to format the card as exFAT.
    The issue being Android only supports FAT32 and exFAT for microSD cards when used as 'portable'. If you want to use the card as transfer media between your phone and your PC that limits your options. So with those two being your options, regarding your Windows PC it has integral full support for FAT file systems but none for files systems used by other platforms. Since FAT32 isn't an option for your needs, that leaves exFAT.

    A much more involved option where you format the card as ext4 does require you to root your Android device and install a third-party utility on your Win PC to add ext support. At that point, the card will be able to be used on both your Android device and or Win PC, but it's going to be a compromise. On your phone it's not going to e a matter where it'll be fully accessible using the GUI, you're going to be interacting with the card using a terminal app.
    (.... and this is more opinion than anything but I'd opt for ext4 over ext2. Assuming you chose ext2 because it lacks journaling? The background writes was an important factor to take into consideration years ago but any SD card that's a decade or less old is going to have more robust storage chips in it that don't wear
    as quickly.)
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