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How to Show or Hide Horizontal Menu on Image Click?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Ankit2502, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Ankit2502

    Ankit2502 Newbie
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    Hello Friends,
    I am developing one Menu based application, In this application i am created Horizontal Scroll Menu with 'HorizontalScrollView'. Now i want to hide this menu, i am stuck in following things :
    1. First thing i want to place one image on top of this menu means this Image covers my Horizontal Menu.
    2. Second thing is when i click on Image it will slowly goes down and my Horizontal Menu comes up.
    3. Third things is that when i am clicking any where in application and at that time if menu is visible then Menu goes down and image comes up.

    Means both Image and Menu have interchangeability, i am drawing this Menu & Image in the lower part of my Layout.

    First thing i want to know this is possible or not in Android and if it is possible then How To Do It?

    If anybody have nay idea, doc or sample code please share with me.

    Thanks & Regards


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