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how to stop cell broadcast

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 6, 2013.

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    i have karbon A27 , idea & docomo service . i am receiving cell broadcast continusly , how can i to stop it ?


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    Hello and welcome to android Forums. My name is SolApathy & I will be assisting you with your question submitted through the guest “ask a question” service! We would like to welcome you to our forums; we look forward to assisting you today!

    We need more information in order to better assist you. What type of cell broadcast?

    If you are looking to stop all phone calls, go into settings and place the phone in airplane mode.

    I hope this answer has assisted you with your issue! Please note that if you have any questions you can easily resubmit another question using the same “ask a question feature” and one of our staff experts will quickly assist you. If you prefer to have an interactive response please feel free to register with android forums. It is free and we have a wonderful community that is dedicated to helping each other with any questions you may have!

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