How to stop google navigation from saying street names?

I've beens googling around and everyone is asking the opposite of what I need, that is, how to restore those street names. I live in a French city and the first attempts at pronouncing those names were comical, but now it's just confusing. Any way to turn them off and make it say something like "in 200 meters, turn right" instead of "in 200 meters, turn right onto autoroute 20 slash autoroute 15 slash toronto slash ottawa". When I first used it, it was the way I wanted, and then I think I updated my galaxy s3 to android 4.3 and it started saying those names. Thanks.


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You can try to find an older anutonavigation program or a current one that works the way you want (autonavigation programs seem to be going in the direction of giving you the street name, even if it's so long that you've finished making the turn before it finishes telling you to turn on this/that/the other/street name/blah blah - even the update to my Magellan GPS does that). It's either verbal navigation their way or no voice and you have to keep glancing at the map.

And don't ask about having it pronounce the names of the streets properly. It pronounces them by the normal pronunciations of the text-to-speech program you're running for that language. The English version works fine for "Route 20", but some of the local names aren't pronounced according to normal American English rules, and it's almost comical to hear what a nav program or GPS receiver does to them. (And it seems as if each one mispronounces different streets, and mispronounces them differently.)


The TTS would likely speak the French names correctly if you set the language to French, and not be so comical. However if you want it in English, try getting hold of an older version, or use a different sat-nav app possibly.

It's like where I am, the English TTS just can't pronounce pinyin words correctly at all. However if it's set to Mandarin, no problem.