How to stop maps from downloading data when on Internet (3G/GPRS/EDGE)

I just changed from a time-based plan to a bandwidth-based plan and to control my bandwidth I installed a nifty little app called PhoneUsage. It can present a pie chart showing which apps consume the bandwidth.

Turns out Google Maps consumes 3/4 of my bandwidth:

Now I wouldn't mind if I was actually using it for something, but I'm not. Never opened the Maps app and I have GPS receiver disabled.

Note that most of the time I'm in a Wifi environment, so it's not like the phone or maps is starved for data and needs to download it as soon as I enable internet data.

I don't mind Maps downloading stuff when I'm on Wifi, but isn't there a way I can stop it from downloading data when I'm on my very limited data plan?

Of course I can just disable internet whenever I'm not using it, but that's not really the idea. I'd like to get push mail and stuff, just don't need Maps to eat up all my bandwidth when I don't use it.
The Maps app also includes Navigation, Latitude, and Places. If you dont use those, especially Latitude, make sure you sign out, and check Never Login in the privacy.


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Yes I was logged into Latitude. Had been playing a little with it and didn't think about logging out of it. Done that now, time will show if that was all there was to it.

I don't find anyway to log in or out of Places.

What do you mean by "check Never Login in the privacy"? I don't find anything that looks like that under Maps, Latitude or Places...


I'm having the same problem. Google maps downloaded 300 mb in only 3 days. Turned off location service. Yurned off gps. All syncs. Tried force stop and task killer but it restarts after a few minutes not signed into latitude . Can't remove the application. Only thing that I've been able to do is turn of mobile connection but when I do connect it downloads and uploads like crazy. Have tried every suggestion I can find to no avail.
If you root your phone you can uninstall and remove some of those apps like Maps, Navigation, Latitude, and Places. They will, obviously, stop up- and downloading data, and you regain quite a few megabytes of storage space.

However, rooting voids your phone's warranty, so think about it before you root.

Also you must consider that removing some apps and files, visible and invisible, may interfere with the operation of other apps that are dependent on them for data.

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I've removed all of the above. I think there should be a requirement for all apps that need coordinates to allow you to enter those manually. Most astronomy apps do that.
I can get exact coordinates from NOAA.