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Root how to stop OTA android 2.2 update prompt?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twodollarbills, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. twodollarbills

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    First I should start off by saying until today I have never tried to mess with my phone or change anything on it ever before. My mytouch 3g updated to Android 2.2 and started running SO slowly that it was practically useless. I looked up stuff on how to uninstall it and found a forum that explained how to unroot your phone and have it go back to the android version it was originally. I did this by adding a zip file named sappimg and rebooting it.
    So now I am back to having an older version of Android, and my phone is fast again.. the problem is that now every hour it prompts me to install the new version of android and there is no option for it to stop reminding me. I have read so many different forums and see that some people have used programs in a rooted phone that has only stopped the prompting for a few days. I found a REALLY promising post on here
    where the OP posted a link to a zip file that tricked your phone into thinking it updated. Problem is that not only is it for a different type of phone - but when I tried it anyway - I did the restart where I hold down the power and the volume down - that process only recognized and tried to access the sappimg file I put on it earlier today - it did not give me the option to run the update fake out file. help?!?! :thinking:



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