How to stop Samsung Music?

Nov 7, 2016
Whilst playing around with my new S22 I decided to try playing an audio file using Samsung Music. I was surprised to discover that I could then only pause the play - there's no stop button. Even after I closed the app (Recents button and Close All) it was still appearing in the notifications pull-down. The only way I could find to get rid of it was to go into App Manager and do a force stop on it.

The lack of a stop button seems a strange omission. Is there any other way?

If not can anyone recommend a good 3rd-party audio player?
I've yet to use a player that has a stop and close option. They seem to be designed to be out of sight behind all other apps and continue to play. I play or stream tunes daily while working and I just pause the player when I'm through listening. It bothered me until I realized the players use very little resources and likely use nothing while paused. I have a S21 and after closing all apps the player still shows in notifications. I believe the app is closed. The ability to resume play is no longer available and it has to reload my library when initiated from notifications. There might be a player that has a close app option but I've not used or looked for it.
Thanks for your response olbriar. I rarely use my phone for audio and it niggles me that there's something I can't properly stop once started even if it is using minimal or no resources. Including a stop button wouldn't prevent those who want it to remain in the background from just pausing. It just seems very untidy to be still showing in the notifications but unable to be resumed.

If, as you say, this seems to be a common design feature it's probably not worth me trying to find an alternative. I'll just have to use force stop on the few occasions I use it.
Many players have a close button on their notification.

To be honest as long as it stops playing I don't care much, as there's no real merit in closing apps. But having a notification that I couldn't get rid of is something I wouldn't tolerate.
FYI you can turn off the notification entirely if you want. The app isn't included in the modern Samsung phones (needing to be installed from Galaxy Store) so it is possible to disable all notifications entirely if you don't like the persistent notification. I just use the widget if I want to do what the notification tries to do. But on the modern Samsungs I used, the music controls on the lockscreen vanish within minutes of my stopping/pausing playback. Unfortunately, that also happened on the Galaxy Watch (where it shows 'unknown' where playback controls should be) causing me to no longer be able to conveniently resume music from the watch.