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how to stop swapper 2 from KILLING & RESTART

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hemanth, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. hemanth

    hemanth Member
    Thread Starter

    its been long time well

    i have an query
    when ever we play heavy games or bit ram hard games swapper 2 is killed and stays in restart mode(sometime)

    when swapper2 is killed or in restart mode games like virtual tennis hangs a bit

    sometime swapper 2 is alive and then virtual tennis is running then u can play smooth and hang-free game,i did check this and its confirmed

    when ever swapper 2 is alive most of the games are smooth

    now how to keep it alive from rest???????
    i did make it as system app (link2sd) but same result

    someone told me that if we change the priority of app then can be prevent it from kill ,now HOW-TO-DO-THIS?????

    if there is any app or method then plz post it here

    it will help us run more heavy games with smooth results

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