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how to stop too much data useage?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by goldsax, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. goldsax

    goldsax Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hi, i have just changed over form Iphone 4 to the Note...
    absolutely no regrets...
    i have zipped through my 500MB of data allowance very quickly (within 20 days) when normally i would only use about 250-350 MB a month.
    i have spoken to my provider who says that i may have left on auto updates for my apps.
    when i downloaded the apps initially i did give the apps permission to update automatically. i now want to do this manually..
    how can i set my Note to ask me weather/when i want to update manually?
    is there anything else i can do to stop auto data links?
    many thanks

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  2. marvini

    marvini Lurker

    Hello goldsax,
    You need to set your automatic updates to wifi only. This will therefore not use your monthly data allocation to update apps. In google play simply click the menu button and select settings. Make sure "update over wifi only" is checked.
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  3. goldsax

    goldsax Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the guidance .. Hope this does the trick...
  4. Squared1200

    Squared1200 Newbie

    You could also install a 3g data tracking app. You can then keep an eye on your data usage in real time and avoid surprises at the end of the month. Most will also give you some indication of usage per app so you can identify which apps are using your data allowance and then take action to ensure you do not go over target.

    I use the following, but there are others that will do the job just as well.
  5. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    OP, I'm in a similar situation, moving from a 4 to a Note. I've completely nailed down all the possible data hogs
    but I've just come to accept it uses way more data than my old iPhone. A couple of times I've had to add on an extra 500mb to my O2 contract. Thankfully, said contract expires next month , at which point I'll be going to the excellent Three monthly rolling contract with unlimited data. Can't wait, I've used Three data with my iPad, far better and faster than my experience with O2.

    I think the main culprit is actually from browsing in desktop mode, whereas previously a lot of sites were optimised for iPhones and low data.
  6. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    Yeah this will make a huge difference! Esp with all the flash ads which we are so lucky to be able to see with Android ;-)
  7. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    Haha, true, although I tend to have flash off most of the time anyway. I rarely missed it in the iPhone tbh

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