How to switch between opened apps?


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How can you switch between opened apps without closing one? Is there something like a shortcut like you can do it on Windows? To change between opened apps I generally press the home key to get access to the other app I want to open, but mostly the currently opened and shown app then gets closed automatically.
A long press on the Home key should bring up a list of open apps. Just tap on the one you want to use and the other remains open. I do it all the time while reading a book and changing Pandora channels. Neither app closes.


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What phone do you have? If it has very limited ram then switching to another app may result in the current one being closed. Used to happen on my old phone with largeish apps (games especially).


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Unbelievable, that I hadn't find it out by myself pressing a longer time the home button. When I press the home key a longer time a window appears obviously always showing 6 apps and a "Task Manager" button. But if I want to open an app I have to short press the home key to get access to the home windows, the other apps.

Yes, so that would be an explanation, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6102 Duos, 170 MB RAM.