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How to sync MediaMonkey with Android?

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by ReggieMal, May 15, 2011.

  1. ReggieMal

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    Setting the scene
    I have been an iPhone user and always used Mediamonkey to create autoplaylists and sync my music. I also assigned ratings to tracks on my iPhone which would be sync'd back onto MM database - NO PROBLEMS when using iPhone with MM.

    What has changed?
    I have moved to a Samsung Galaxy S II running on Android v2.3 Gingerbread

    What problems am I facing?

    When I sync MM with the 32GB microsd card in my Samsung Galaxy SII, the playlists do not get copied over (I have tried multiple music players on the phone).

    Music Ratings
    My music ratings do not appear in any music player on the phone or even on Kies (the samsung software)
    I want to be able to change ratings on the phone so they sync back onto the MM db when I next sync.

    The above all might be a problem with the way tags are used in the android music players, so I was hoping for a solution in this forum

    btw, if anyone has any questions about the Samsung Galaxy SII, then feel free to PM me.


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  2. Vogtse

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    I would also like to have these features. So, if anyone knows, how that works, please tell us!
  3. abhiroopb

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  4. xeonight

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    For whatever use it may be:

    1. click 'Tools' then 'Options'
    2. then on the left, click 'Portable/Audio Devices'
    3. then find your Galaxy S 2 in the list, whichever one you transfer music to, and click 'Configure'
    4. then at the top of the new window, click 'Options' tab
    5. then on the left click 'Playlists'
    6. and finally, put a check in the box 'Use Linux folder separator ('/' instead of '\')'

    this made my playlists show up in the default music player on my Galaxy S 2 skyrocket =D

    Hope this helps!!!

    btw here's a link to a screenshot to help out: http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/7738/musicplaylistsfixmm.png
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