How to track what's done with my loaner backup phone?

Hi all, had a droid since 2009 I think? I still don't know how to use them all that well so I'm here pleading for help. My daughter uses my backup prepaid Verizon Samsung J3 2016 on the weekends when she stays here. But when I get it back everything is wiped. No chat or web history. Why is it wiped? How can I make sure she is being safe? Is there an app that when she gives my phone back I can see what she was doing and who she was doing it with? Seems like there should be. I'm not looking to be a total control freak and remote spy from a computer. I just want to see if she's being a normal kid or getting into possible trouble. So when I get my phone back there is nothing to see it's all gone... Any help is appreciated


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Why it is wiped is probably because she wipes it. I'd do the same TBH, rather than let someone else have full access to my texts, email, social accounts etc (and remember that not wiping would give you access to accounts as well as activity during the weekend, and for some services you'd also keep receiving her messages). I don't think this is necessarily an indication of anything untoward.

When data are deleted on android they are deleted, so that's it. I'm not going to discuss spyware because there are ethical problems with that (and consider what happens if she discovers that you installed software to spy on her?).